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What's our score of Douban? Our latest box office statistics

On April 28, directed by Liu Ruoying, the movie "later we" starring Jing Biran and Zhou Dongyu was officially released. That is to say, on the day of release, the editor was lucky enough to see the movie. After watching it, he felt that it was flat and light, and there was no disturbance in his heart! And negative news about the movie also emerged in an endless stream. So far, how much is the box office of the movie? What is the score of Douban?

How to say it? It's a love movie. The story line is good, but many netizens regret buying tickets after watching it. The editor also has to stand up and say something about his feelings. To be honest, there's no point in this play!

The movie is just about Zhou Dongyu as Fang Xiaoxiao and Jing Bolian as Lin Jianqing. They met each other on the train as fellow townsmen. Since then, the story line has started. Zhou Dongyu talked about several boyfriends who ended up in failure. They were together with Jing bairan in the middle of the movie, but they finally lost to the real story, but there was nothing to see!

Moreover, on the day of release, the movie bears the reputation of ticket swiping. The ticket refund rate on that day is as high as 10%. In order to reduce the loss, many cinemas are forced to close the ticket refund window, which is also hot online!

So why doesn't this movie have a good point of view? The ticket refund rate is so high, and the box office is still on the rise? Up to now, the box office of "later we" has reached 620 million box office, with an average box office of about 200 million every day. It has to be said that it's another black horse at the box office, so why is the box office of this movie that doesn't have a good point of view so high reason:

1、 Good movie title

It's well known that Liu Ruoying once made a fire in the whole country with a "later", which is also the most representative work of Liu Ruoying. Liu Ruoying successfully implanted the name of this song in the name selection for the first time, which attracted the attention of many netizens!

2、 Good storyline

This movie is about the love story of Zhou Dongyu and Jing bairan who are drifting in Beijing. The story line stimulates the desire of netizens to watch it!

3、 All kinds of media report on the event of ticket refund

This may also be a marketing event, because the ticket refund rate of "later we" can be said to be unprecedented. Such a high rate of ticket refund has triggered media reports. Many netizens naturally understand the film and are curious about it at the same time!

What's the score of Douban in our later films

It is reported that the current film "later we" Douban score is 6.8 points.

The film "later we" chooses to use chronological form to express sweet and abusive love. Liu Ruoying said frankly because time is not used to forget love, but to witness love '. With the help of Li pingbin, a well-known photographer, Liu Ruoying perfectly presents the real face of young couples in today's society with realism.

Although the box office has exceeded 200 million yuan, there is a lot of controversy over online word-of-mouth. Some people have reported that the actors did perform well, but the plot is in line with the rules and regulations. Finally, it's better to give comments to the netizens who have seen the movie.