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How to make ice cream at home? How to make ice cream

It's hot. Ice cream is an indispensable dessert. Adults and children love it. But many people don't think the ice cream sold in the supermarket is clean. They like to make it at home. Today, Xiaobian will teach you how to make ice cream at home. Hurry up.

--Materials used--

Cream 200g

Pure milk 50g

2 eggs (only the yolk is needed)

Sugar 50g

A few drops of lemon juice / white vinegar

A little salt


Separate the albumen and yolk of two eggs. Only the yolk is needed. Put 50g white sugar into the yolk, add a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar, and stir evenly with the electric beater until the yolk turns light yellow.

Put 50g pure milk into a small milk pot and heat it slightly over a low heat until the milk is hot enough to bubble on the surface, then turn off the heat. Slowly pour the milk into the beaten yolk while it's hot. Stir quickly while pouring in. (note that the yolk should not be allowed to agglomerate, and the agglomerate will become egg blossom, which will affect the taste.)

Then pour the egg milk back into the small milk pot and add a little salt. Turn on the small fire and heat it slightly. Stir it quickly with chopsticks while heating (Note: the smaller the fire, the better, avoid the paste pot), until the liquid is slightly boiled, then turn off the fire. Keep cool for later use.

Next, whisk whipped cream, whipped cream to 9 distribution, that is, lifting the beater can appear vertical sharp corner.

Pour the whipped cream into the cold egg milk mixture, and mix well, that is, the ice cream mixture. (if you want to taste chocolate, cranberry or other flavors, you can add the seasoning in this step, and mix them well together.)

Then pour the mixed ice cream into a clean container with a lid, and put it into the refrigerator freezer. You can eat it after freezing for more than three hours. It's cold, refreshing and delicious. Do it quickly!


Heat the egg milk liquid with a small fire. The smaller the fire is, the better. Avoid the paste pot. While heating, use chopsticks to stir it quickly to avoid the egg yolk caking, which will affect the taste.

Add a few drops of vinegar to the yolk to remove the fishy smell of eggs. The ice cream is delicious and won't smell like eggs.

Add a little salt to the egg cream to adjust the taste. The ice cream will not be too sweet to greasy. On the contrary, the more you eat, the better it will be. A little salt is delicious.

If you want to eat all kinds of ice cream, you can add it before the mixture is frozen in the refrigerator. After adding, stir it evenly, and then put it into the refrigerator to freeze, and then you can make all kinds of ice cream with varied flavors.