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On the operating table, ten thousand yuan was added to the price, and the man was killed by a bad do

according to, the price of circumcision in Xi'an Huaren hospital has just been increased by 12000 on the operating table. Mr. Zhang didn't expect that this kind of thing happened to him. It's shameful to force a price increase on the operating table regardless of the patient's life and death. Isn't there any medical ethics?

During the consultation, the doctor said that the whole operation cost more than 1000 yuan

Mr. Zhang is 23 years old, Zhou Zhiren, unmarried, working in Xi'an. In late April, when he searched the Internet for foreskin surgery, he saw the advertisement of Xi'an Huaren hospital, so he added wechat to contact and communicate with each other.

After asking Mr. Zhang's symptoms in detail, a person who claimed to be Dr. Cao said, 'you are more serious on the surface, but the cause is not complicated. To this extent, we often treat it well. Our hospital is doing a large-scale physical examination, applying for a physical examination card, and a comprehensive examination of sexual function totaling 129 yuan. '

Mr. Zhang specifically inquired about the treatment fee. Dr. Cao said that the treatment fee is about several hundred. If it is more than one thousand, Mr. Zhang's disease is serious on the surface, but the cause of the disease is not complex, so it may not cost so much to treat it in time. Cao added that they are more than 20 years old hospitals and have been engaged in disease research and treatment.

Hearing that the hospital is experienced and the cost is acceptable, Mr. Zhang decided to have the operation. Therefore, the two sides agreed on the inspection and treatment time.

Lying on the operating table

The doctor said the problem was serious

At about 2:00 p.m. on April 29, Mr. Zhang came to Xi'an Huaren hospital, located on Wenyi North Road. After the physical examination, he was lying on the bed in the operating room, and the doctor began the operation.

'after I cut my foreskin, the doctor said that if there is inflammation, it should be cleaned up, otherwise it will affect future fertility; in addition, there are nerves exposed outside, which need to be repaired, if not repaired, it will be impotent and premature ejaculation,' Mr. Zhang said, the doctor said very badly, when he was nervous, he should deal with it, then he signed, and after that, he paid the hospital, 'in that case, the doctor Can I refuse to accept what Sheng said? "

In this way, Mr. Zhang paid more than 12000 yuan in addition to the 2000 yuan of operation cost for examination, prepuce operation and anti-inflammatory.

Among the bills retained by Mr. Zhang, the relatively large expenses include 4800 yuan for focal infection removal, 6800 yuan for acellular allogeneic dermis, 1400 yuan for intermediate frequency pulse point therapy and pulse biological therapy.

The hospital refunded 12100 yuan

And let him sign the agreement

After going back, Mr. Zhang thought more and more wrong. He consulted the doctors in the regular hospital and learned that the prepuce operation is a simple operation, which is not so complicated at all.

Yesterday morning, he went to the hospital again and asked for a refund. 'the hospital started to take a very tough attitude and didn't give it back at all. I had to call the 24-hour news hotline 029-88880000 of the Chinese business daily. As soon as the other side heard that I had reported to the media, he refunded me 12100 yuan and asked me to write an agreement. '

The agreement states that the hospital refunds 12100 yuan in one time. As a one-time termination of this matter, Mr. Zhang will no longer make other claims to the hospital for any reason or excuse in the future.

The reporter of the Chinese business daily asked the person in charge of the hospital, why do you want to refund the fee? He said, 'Mr. Zhang's operation, the hospital lost a lot. '

Experts say it's a lie to pay more than 356 yuan for the operation

Is the practice of the hospital compliant? Yesterday afternoon, the reporter of the Chinese business daily consulted the person in charge of the urology department of a top three hospital in Xi'an.

The person in charge said that if the foreskin is too long, there is usually scaling in the foreskin. This is very normal. They were cleaned together during the operation. This is also necessary for thorough disinfection. There is no need for semiconductor laser after the operation. Prepuce operation is a very simple operation. Generally speaking, it needs more than 3000 yuan for the operation with stapler in the third grade hospital. It's only necessary to do it by hand. Other operations are purely redundant and are all gimmicks. After finishing the routine change, if the charge is more than 356, it must be deceitful.

The person in charge said that patients know little about relevant knowledge. Doctors' advice 'for other projects is to use the unequal information between doctors and patients and patients' nervous psychology to' generate income '. Citizens who need to do similar operations are advised to choose large regular hospitals. Chinese journalist she Hui intern Zhang Leyi photography she Ying comments:

How can doctors take advantage of the fire to increase the price of patients lying on the operating table

Not for good appearance, it is good medicine, which has been the lifelong pursuit of many medical practitioners. But there is always someone who is blinded by the interests in the process of medical practice. The benevolence of the medical practitioners becomes a 'businessman' who uses life and health as chips to increase the price.

Mr. Zhang went to have his foreskin cut and lay on the operating table. This was a simple operation, but it was rendered very serious. He needed to do two more operations, and the price was increased by more than 10000 yuan. Mr. Zhang said that he also wanted to refuse, but at that moment, he did not dare to have too many ideas and agreed to the other party's proposal. Although there are also cases in which other diseases need to be added during the operation, the operation of circumcision, after a series of examinations such as preoperative consultation and physical examination, can basically determine the operation plan. If any problem is found, the patient can be informed and communicated before going to the operating table, which is acceptable to the patient. But the doctor temporarily 'renders' the patient on the operating table

It's another thing that the condition requires an addition. The motivation of this private hospital, such as Sima Zhao's heart, is well known.

Similar things are not uncommon. Mr. Zhang is not the first and will not be the last. The reason is nothing more than a "profit" word. In fact, it is believed that most doctors have professional ethics, but at the moment when the doctor-patient relationship is already tense, these people who are lustful for profits are like a pot of rat shit that has broken the soup, which will only make people's sensitive nerves more nervous.

It is true that hospitals are profit-making organizations, not "welfare homes". But the duty of saving lives and helping the wounded requires doctors to take the lead in the word of "morality". If there is no medical ethics, when patients are lying on the operating table, "looting while the fire is burning", what is added is not money, but sin.