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Tens of thousands of watermelons were cut overnight. What's the grudge?

Four seas network news, tens of thousands of watermelons were cut overnight what is the matter? This is how big a blow for the farmers! May 1 late night to 2 early in the morning, part of the farmers in Daming County in Hebei watermelon were poisoned hands, overnight, several acres of watermelons were cut bad. A melon farmer said that several households had cut down about 6 mu of melon land, losing tens of thousands of Jin.

On the afternoon of May 2, netizens in Daming County, Handan City reported that some watermelon greenhouses in dongdishang village, Shuguan Town, Daming County, Handan were damaged from midnight on the 1st to early morning on the 2nd. Watermelons were cut in half, and the ground was full of damaged watermelons.

According to a person familiar with the matter, the watermelons planted by the villagers could be put on the market in a few days. However, they were deliberately cut down in the field and hundreds of watermelons with red flesh rotted on the ground.

According to the parties concerned, the skin of three melon farmers has been destroyed, about 6 or 7 mu of land, with a yield of about 7000-8000 Jin per mu. The wholesale price of watermelon is 1.2 yuan, and the current market price is 2-3 yuan.

At present, Guanong has reported the case and the local police have intervened in the investigation.