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There are four people in the family, all of whom are online celebrities. The total income of the who

Four seas network news, now the live video has been very common, all kinds of live programs have entered into all aspects of our daily life, and all kinds of anchors also have a lot of profits.

Recently, according to media reports, a family in Hangzhou has attracted the attention of netizens due to the fact that all four members of the family are online Red anchors and their annual income exceeds 10 million yuan.

It is understood that Bai Lu and her husband are from Guangzhou after 60. Because two daughters are Taobao anchors in Hangzhou, she moved to Hangzhou to take care of her daughter after retirement. Because the twin daughter, Chu feichuran, is broadcast live every day, Bailu Danfeng often delivers food to them and is concerned by fans. Fans encourage her to broadcast live, so all four members of the family become the anchor.

Last year, the income of two daughters was 8.6 million yuan, plus the income of Bailu Danfeng and her husband, the total income of the whole family exceeded 10 million yuan.

Bailu Danfeng said that making money is only a sideline, mainly through the platform to share her life experience. She usually starts broadcasting in the afternoon until the evening, and broadcasts live for ten hours every day. The main content of the live broadcast is to teach you how to cook and share some experience accumulated in life.

Now, Bailu Danfeng has 200000 fans, and his husband often helps his daughters with food, broadcasting and other activities.

In this regard, netizens have questioned that the way of making money on live broadcast is just opportunism.

Some netizens said that it is ridiculous that there is no reasonable income for a really valuable job.

However, some netizens also expressed their neutral attitude, saying that the live broadcast with connotation and meaning is OK. What's terrible is that people are dazed and sleep.

What do you think of this?