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Why do you want to fight eggs on the day of summer? What is the origin of Lixia doudan?

it's 24 solar terms to start summer, which marks the beginning of summer, so we must do a good job of sunscreen in the future. The custom of starting summer is not only to eat eggs, but also to fight eggs. That is, on the day of Lixia, whose egg shell is harder than others, and who hasn't touched it will continue to fight for the next round of eggs. Do you know why Lixia fights for eggs? What is the origin of Lixia fights for eggs?

In the beginning of summer, children take part in the "egg fight competition". They take the colored eggs in hand and fight one by one. They win the competition by making the shells firm but not broken. The custom of fighting eggs is very popular in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The main purpose is to hope the children can spend the summer safely. Why do you want to fight for eggs in the summer? Fighting for eggs means that after the eggs and duck eggs are cooked, the head of the egg is facing the head of the egg, and the tail of the egg is facing the tail of the egg. Until one side breaks the shell, the final winner is "king of the egg". And the broken egg can go down in the air. Now think about it, I think it's silly, but it was really fun at that time. Maybe it's the joy that children can't understand and enjoy now.

On the summer festival, adults use silk thread to weave egg sets, put boiled eggs and duck eggs, and hang them on the neck of children. The rope of blocking summer is the long life thread, which is tied on the wrist of children with five colored silk threads to pray for the relief of disasters and diseases, so as to prevent the injection of summer. Every summer, they eat eggs and put them in colorful net bags to take them to school to fight for eggs.

In fact, the custom of "fighting eggs and eating eggs in summer" has a long history. As for Lixia, there is a proverb: "when summer starts, children will not stop summer.". It's said that since the beginning of summer, the weather has been sunny and warm and gradually hot. Many people, especially children, will feel fatigued and weak in limbs, and lose appetite gradually, which is called "blocking summer";. The ancients believed that the round and smooth eggs symbolized the perfection of life. Eating eggs in summer can pray for the safety of summer and withstand the test of "blocking summer".