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Office snack is Xiaomei closed? Guo Xiaomei responds to the notice of dissolution, on May 4, Gong Wenxiang, a big micro blog V, said on Sina Weibo that the unmanned shelf project of guoxiaomei, which was originally in charge of huikong, was stranded, and attached a notice from a customer suspected to be from guoxiaomei.

Today (May 4), Guo Xiaomei, CMO, Hu Guanzhong, in response to the company's' farewell letter 'pictures and rumors of dissolution, layoffs, and broken capital chain, said in response to a reporter looking for Chinese makers that' (capital chain) is not broken, our financing is also in progress, and we are in close communication with multiple industrial capitals. '

Today, a picture of "farewell letter" calling itself Guo Xiaomei company came out on the Internet. The picture said: "Dear customers, I'm sorry, we can't accompany you in the future" & hellip;. In addition, the recent rumors about "Guo Xiaomei will be dissolved", "Guo Xiaomei will be laid off" and so on pushed the field of Guo Xiaomei and the unmanned shelf to the forefront again.

In response to this, Guo Xiaomei also issued an official statement, saying that the so-called "important notice" is definitely not the official behavior of Guo Xiaomei, nor the behavior of Guo Xiaomei's employees, nor the "voice" of Guo Xiaomei, which cannot be ruled out by people with ulterior motives.

The statement said that at present, the company's business development is all normal, and is undergoing strategic transformation, exploring the upgrading from "self operated heavy mode" to "joint operation with third parties and light mode of regional partnership". In the next stage, we will focus on cloud e-commerce and refined operation of existing shelves to improve user experience.

It can be seen from the statement that the self operated shelves will no longer be the strategic focus of guoxiaomei, but in the previous market competition, guoxiaomei's shelf terminal volume is not small, and multiple shelves have been exposed to the scene of "being cleaned up". According to the official data released at the end of April, guoxiaomei has more than 80000 service enterprises, covering 59 cities and nearly 100000 shelf terminals. Guo Xiaomei has not responded to the existing shelves and how the partners will deal with them.