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What's going on with shuaiyin killing piggy page? Have you killed piggy page?

What's going on with the killing of piggy page by buffeting? Many little friends have heard that piggy page is included in the forbidden element by buffeting, so why is piggy page banned? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

Is it true to kill piggy page?

Recently, there is a popular online form of "community rules for shaking voice". The form lists 17 or 8 prohibited element behaviors, including vulgar, indecent and exposed behaviors. The top one is "piggy page".

Not long ago, tremolo also launched an anti addiction system. What magic does shaky sound have? It makes people stay up at night with dark eyes and brush three hundred every day. Hold the mobile phone slide slide slide slide slide, time unconsciously past.

23 Li information quickly opened the twitter app to check, and found that "piggy page" did not appear in the search results, and the surviving ones were also some unrelated neighbors. In the twitter official community, the "piggy page" search results were also empty.

Piggy page is nicknamed "social man" by netizens. From cartoons to short videos to the popular piggy page watch, the pink piggy has almost become a social phenomenon.

What do you think of the "social people" now?