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It's strange that boys are regarded as monkeys, magic flowers and monsters, but they are regarded as

what's the matter with a boy being regarded as monkey god in India? Such a strange Indian thinks it's monkey god's reincarnation. It's a wonderful work. According to the daily mail on April 27, in a village in India, 13-year-old Sohail's back waist minister has a long hair, which is tied together like a tail, and he is also considered the incarnation of the monkey god Hanuman by local people.

The boy is so popular in the local area that people from distant villages visit him every other day, exchanging a bag full of water for blessings. The little boy is also very respected in school. The teacher who is afraid of offending God never scolds him.

Sohail may be born with a 'tail', but this is probably caused by neural tube defects, also known as spina bifida, which can cause the spine to fail to develop properly. Sohail said he liked the love and attention he received for his tail and never wanted to cut it off. Sohail's family also believed that he was a gift from God, and said that since his birth, they have enjoyed love, peace and prosperity, and Sohail treats others with friendship.

Grandfather Shah said: 'we have accepted Sohail's tail and we believe he is a special child. Although we are Muslims, we respect the feelings of the Hindu brothers in the village. They saw Sohail as Hanuman, who brought harmony to the village. We never object to the term, and we sometimes call him that. 'the boy's parents said:' we are poor, but since he was born, all our troubles and sorrows have disappeared. 'there is always happiness and peace in the family. We never want his tail to be removed because he was born like this. '