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No one's shelves declare cool 3 billion, so Xiaomei will go out of business?

office snacks have become a new industry in the past two years, but recently, there have been negative news from Guo Xiaomei. Is Guo Xiaomei going to quit the market? Recently, there have been four rumors about "layoff" and "dissolution" of Gome on the office shelf, and various anonymous revelations have appeared on a workplace social platform. It seems that Gome has reached the point of breaking up and eating free meals.

In this regard, Guo Xiaomei denied the relevant rumors, saying that the company will carry out a strategic transfer, from a heavy model to a light model, and publish relevant business progress and business data.

In this way, Guo Xiaomei seems to have escaped from the crisis again, but the truth behind this is that we think it is so simple?

Guoxiaomei's transformation and announcement of transaction volume

The average daily transaction is more than one million, two orders per day?

In 2015, the emergence of the unmanned shelf began to change after the outbreak of 2017. At the beginning of the year, Chengdu unmanned shelf project "gogo Xiaochao" became the first death case.

In this context, the rumors of Guo Xiaomei's' dissolution 'are naturally believed by many people.

Rumors about Guo Xiaomei began to emerge in front of the public from the anonymous disclosure of a professional social platform.

There are several points around the explosive:

The company's capital chain is broken and cannot be financed;

The market shrank from 59 cities to 15 major cities;

Employees are being cut and their hearts are floating.

In addition, Guo Xiaomei's old employees disclosed to bianews that 'they are basically looking for jobs now'.

Guoxiaomei seems to be in a huge crisis.

Later, Guo Xiaomei's official microblog and CMO respectively clarified to the outside world, denied rumors such as' dissolution ', and said that the company' will always be 'and' dissolution is impossible '.

In the announcement, Guo Xiaomei announced that it will change from "self operated mode" to "joint operation with third parties and regional partnership mode", and will focus on cloud business in the next stage.

Generally speaking, guoxiaomei should cooperate with local convenience stores to supply goods to shelves by taking advantage of each other's supply chain, instead of feeding milk in person as before.

The cloud business refers to the e-commerce business. Since the beginning of this year, Guo Xiaomei has been testing the e-commerce business of shuipintuan.

In addition, Guo Xiaomei disclosed 'real (operational) data' to the public this time. The number of terminal shelves is nearly 100000, the number of enterprises served is more than 80000, covering 59 cities nationwide, and the daily average transaction amount is more than one million '.

But these data and information are widely questioned.

The number of terminal shelves is nearly 100000, and the daily average transaction amount is more than one million. '1 million & divide; 100000 = 10 yuan, 10 yuan per shelf per day? That's one or two orders?

In addition, some internal employees also disclosed that the daily income of Guo Xiaomei was 500000 yuan, and the recent one million yuan was due to the 70% discount promotion. It can be imagined how 'burning money' the unmanned shelf is. If we add other costs, it is a bottomless hole.

In addition, if Xiaomei is going to leave the company, the employees will think to bianews, "today is the last day, I've put a lot of effort into this company, and now I'm a little lost.".

For all kinds of rumors from the outside world, he confessed that he had seen too much, and there were real and fake ones. "Our company's supply chain system is still good." he still felt sorry for where he was going to leave.

In addition, he explained why some of the company's shelves were not replenished.

"Putting the shelves out is a challenge to human nature. The damage rate is too high," he said.

'when you buy something, the company will replenish it. If you always lose things, then the goods will be less and less'. The high rate of goods damage leads to that the shelves are basically in a 10% to 30% volume.

All sorts of current situation make people can't help but ask, is unmanned shelf mode cool?

Employee: no shelf is no bottom hole

A great test of human nature

In order to understand the development of the company more clearly and comprehensively, bianews contacted an old friend who is engaged in the sales of the unmanned shelf, and more details will be presented.

Li Jiacheng (pseudonym), an old friend interviewed, is a BD sales staff member of tomato Xiansheng, who just left the company years later.

Who is the tomato fresh?

Founded in July 2017, it is an emerging company with no shelf, and has obtained a number of strong capital investment in China since its establishment.

At the end of September 2017, it merged with the strategy of "guoxiaomei" and became a strong alliance, and then quickly accumulated financing of RMB 500 million.

On March 12, 2018, it officially achieved brand unification with "guoxiaomei". Since then, it has been mainly engaged in the intelligent fresh food container field, which is dedicated to the whole category operation of fresh and short guaranteed food.

How about the specific operation of such a highly concerned unmanned shelf enterprise? (the following data are only for reference)

At present, the scale of fresh tomato is not the largest, compared with the convenience of scarlet and small fruit beauty, there is a certain gap.

Li Jiacheng said that although tomato Xiansheng and guoxiaomei have been merged, they still operate independently in business and most of their staff are familiar with each other.

He said that there are about 100 BD salesmen in tomato fresh's headquarters in Shanghai, which is not very large.

But in the unmanned shelf Market of Shanghai, the competition is very fierce. For example, he once saw an office area of less than 20 people with two different brands of unmanned shelves.

Perhaps from a group of data below, we can see the intensity of the 'battlefield'. He said that the 'entry fee' for the unmanned shelves in the office area in Shanghai (the corresponding fee for the unmanned shelves to enter the office area needs to be paid to the property) was only about 300 yuan per month at first, but at the peak of competition, the fee was once as high as 500-800 yuan per month.

As for the entry conditions of the office area, he stressed that 'there is no condition at all, no one shelf is taking money to promote, and what other conditions are discussed'.

For the rate of goods damage, he said there should be a ratio of '5% - 10%', but only an estimate. But it is very important that no matter how much the damage is, there is no compensation at all, and there is no allocation of responsibility for the loss when negotiating with the property.

That is to say, the loss of the unmanned shelf is all in one's own pocket, which is a huge test of human nature.

In terms of supply chain, it is now generally self operated, which is actually a heavy burden. Fresh tomatoes are also free warehouses, where goods are wholesale from suppliers. This kind of heavier mode really brings huge pressure to the enterprise. As we all know, for the retail enterprise, the supply chain is the key core.

For goods and pricing, fresh tomatoes are similar to other unmanned shelves. They usually choose public goods, and pricing is also a necessary choice to ensure sales.

In addition, Li Jiacheng disclosed his salary situation. He pointed out that the minimum salary was about 9000, with 20000 or 30000 at a good time.

He said it's related to the Commission. When the competition was not fierce at the beginning, the Commission for each shelf was about 500. When the competition was most terrible, the Commission was as high as 1000-1200.

In February this year, when scarlet convenience was exposed to the financial crisis and shrinking the front line, the fresh tomato was also greatly affected.

At present, tomato fresh life is still in normal operation, and Li Jiacheng has recently resigned from tomato fresh life. He said that the turnover rate in the sales industry was relatively high, and many people left from tomato fresh life within three months.

But for the unmanned shelf mode. Li Jiacheng has his own view that 'the mode is very good, but now many people start it again, and there is only one enterprise left, which is very promising'.

In fact, from the example of fresh tomatoes, we can see the dilemma of the whole unmanned shelf: continuous capital investment, difficult profits, unmanned shelf is a bottomless hole, and only the last one may have vitality.

Unmanned shelves declare cool 3 billion dozen water floats

In 2015, the prototype of the unmanned shelf appeared. But at the end of 2016, Ma Yun brought the concept of "new retail" and proposed to combine online and offline. No one retail will cause concern, no one supermarket, no one shelf to enter the public vision.

However, due to low threshold and low cost, the unmanned shelf has attracted capital attention. In 2017, a large number of investors swarmed in and new brands swarmed out. Within two months of the outbreak, 30 projects entered the Bureau and 18 projects obtained financing.

According to incomplete statistics of talkingdata, in 2017, the financing amount of dozens of unmanned shelf companies totaled more than 3 billion yuan.

However, after a short spring, the trend of unmanned shelf failure gradually appeared.