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How to apply sunscreen in summer? Proper application procedure of sunscreen

It's the hottest summer every year. It's not only hot in summer, but also has strong ultraviolet rays. So when you go out in summer, you must apply sunscreen. But not everyone can apply sunscreen. Do you know the right way to apply sunscreen? Let's take a look at it together with the four seas net.

1. Don't pat on sunscreen

The only mistake that many people don't realize when they apply sunscreen is that they like to pat while they apply it. It's impossible to pat sunscreen on their face. It's OK to apply it evenly by hand. Why can't you pat it? Because the sun protection function of sunscreen is to form a sunscreen layer on their face to protect the sun. If you pat it on the skin, the skin will absorb the sunscreen, that is to say, sunscreen The use has been greatly reduced. So you can't pat on sunscreen.

2. Half an hour before going out

There is also time to pay attention to the application of sunscreen. Generally, it's best to apply sunscreen half an hour before going out, so that the effect of going out to block sunscreen will be the best. In fact, it's not just going out that you need to apply sunscreen. Many indoor lights need to apply sunscreen if they are too strong. And if you've been outdoors, it's not enough to just go out and apply sunscreen once. It's better to apply sunscreen once every two hours. So sunscreen should be carried with you.

3. Apply after defrosting

In fact, this should be familiar to many people. When applying sunscreen on the face, it's better to apply a layer of isolation cream first, because the isolation cream can not only isolate the external damage to the skin, but also isolate the damage of facial products to the skin, so as not to cause the facial pores blocked for a long time. Sunscreen itself is actually harmful to the skin, so it is harmful to apply it directly on the face, so sunscreen must be applied after the cream.

Proper application procedure of sunscreen

Step 1: push evenly along the muscle texture: block the sun on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, and then push evenly from inside to outside.

Step 2: push the neck from top to bottom: use the palm of your hand to push the neck from top to bottom without leakage.

Step 3: wipe the ear with finger V: hold the ear like a stroke, and evenly apply sunscreen around the ear.

Step 4: don't miss the dead angle of the nose wing: lift the nose wing with one hand and put on sunscreen with the other hand.

Step 5: light with little finger at the end of eye: light with little finger at the end of eye.

Step 6: strengthen the dead corner around the lips: after opening the mouth, use the middle finger to light the corner of the mouth.

Step 7: make up another layer of eyebrow bone: for the protruding part of eyebrow bone, repeat the application and reinforcement.

Step 8: repeat the application of cheekbones: reinforce the most prominent cheekbones in the face.