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Couples are forced to break into a hotel in the morning, strangers are forced to break into a hotel

for people who often go on business, sometimes it is inevitable to stay in the hotel. Sometimes, how do you deal with accidents? Now there is a couple who have been forced to enter the hotel by a man and a woman. What's the matter? How can such a big brand hotel appear in the national chain Vienna Hotel where the man stays? Is there any problem in the hotel?

No one in the men's hotel room asked for help

Staying in the hotel is afraid of strangers knocking on the door and forcibly entering, because it will threaten your life at any time. But now there are couples who have been forced to enter the hotel. The room man suspects that the hotel has leaked information. There are some problems in the hotel. But soon, the hotel admitted that there were some problems in management, and said it would waive the room fee and compensate.

April 30, Changsha, Hunan Province. Mr. Huang and his girlfriend went out to stay in the hotel. In the morning, a self proclaimed waitress knocked on the door. At the moment of opening the door, a strange man appeared to break into the room, but they left after failure. Mr. Huang suspected that the hotel leaked information and the hotel denied it. The police are investigating.

Mr. Huang: I heard a more urgent knock at the door. I asked who it was. There said it was the service staff of the hotel. When I opened the door, I saw a woman with more exposed clothes. I asked her what she was doing. She said if you asked for service. I said no. at this time, she wanted to rush to my room. At the same time, a strange man appeared at the door, also trying to forcibly enter the room. In the process of Mr. Huang preventing the two strangers from breaking into the room, there was a physical conflict between the two sides. Mr. Huang: they want to enter my room. I'm sure I won't let them in. In such a private place as the bedroom, they forced me away and beat me up.

Men question the loopholes of hotel management

Reporter: are you injured? Mr. Huang: Yes, it was scratched by him. There are bruises here. The two strange men and women left the scene quickly because of their unsuccessful attempt to enter the room. Mr. Huang questioned the security loopholes in the Vienna Hotel. Huang told reporters that at the time of the incident, he had called for help from the hotel, but did not see the staff. Mr. Huang: I called loudly. There was no floor attendant to come to see me. After that, I called the front desk at 6:10. No one actively contacted me at 9:50. We went downstairs to find their security guard to watch. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the hotel gave such an explanation.

We are a public area. No matter who enters our hotel, we have no right to shut him out. At that time, when we were changing shifts, we were a little negligent in management. Manager Liu said that only one security guard was on duty at night. When the security guard arrived at Mr. Huang's floor, he had already left. Mr. Huang raised doubts about this: I have two doubts, one is immortal jump, the other is whether the service called by your hotel leaked my room number.

Manager Liu: No. Mr. Huang: if not, why only come to you and enter my room. As for Mr. Huang's call for help at that time, the hotel security did not arrive at the scene in time. The hotel admitted that it was a management oversight and will strengthen supervision in the future. In response to this, the hotel side said that they are willing to make appropriate financial compensation while exempting the room fee. At present, the local police are carrying out further investigation according to the hotel monitoring video.