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A few months baby can eat watermelon? Does darling eat watermelon to be able to loose bowels?

it's time to eat watermelon again in summer. In summer, many people will lose their appetite. Delicious watermelon is the favorite time for many people. Watermelon juice contains almost all the necessary nutrients for human body. For example, vitamins, protein, crude fiber, calcium, iron and phosphorus, etc. Watermelon contains citrulline and arginine, which can help the formation of urea and have diuretic effect, so it has the effect of relieving summer heat. But for babies, can we eat watermelon in summer? Does darling eat watermelon to be able to loose bowels?

What advantage does darling eat watermelon? Heat clearing and heat relieving

Watermelon contains a lot of water. When the baby is thirsty, sweaty and fidgety, he can eat a piece of watermelon which is sweet, Sandy and full of water, which can clear away heat, relieve summer heat, eliminate boredom and thirst.

Diuresis and detumescence

Watermelon has diuretic effect, plus water glue, so after eating watermelon, baby's urine volume will increase.

whet one's appetite

Watermelon not only contains a lot of nutrients such as vitamin B1, vitamin C, sugar, iron, etc., but also has the effect of improving appetite when babies eat watermelon in summer.

Treatment of jaundice

After eating watermelon, the urine volume will increase significantly, which can reduce the content of bile pigment, and make the stool unobstructed, which has a certain effect on the treatment of jaundice of baby.

How old can a baby eat watermelon for 8 months.

Watermelon is cold and sweet, not suitable for babies under 6 months. In addition, because of its high sugar content, and the baby's gastrointestinal tract is not mature, easy to cause diarrhea. It is suggested that 8-10 months old babies mash and squeeze juice to eat, and 10 months later babies can eat watermelon directly.

How to supplement probiotics for babies with watermelon diarrhea

Watermelon is a raw and cold food. Some babies can't digest well and have diarrhea easily if they eat too much. At this time, parents can feed some probiotics to their babies under the guidance of doctors, which can promote digestion, regulate the stomach and intestines, balance the intestinal flora, restore the normal intestinal pH value and relieve diarrhea symptoms.

Make up water and salt in time

When the baby has watermelon diarrhea, the water and salt are lost too much. If the lost electrolyte is not supplemented in time, the baby is prone to dehydration. Therefore, in order to prevent the baby from dehydration, the parents should supplement salt water to the baby with diarrhea in time.

Pausing complementary food

When the baby has watermelon diarrhea, he should stop adding supplementary food to reduce the burden on the stomach and intestines and relieve diarrhea. Of course, for the baby who is breastfed, it is not necessary to stop feeding, but only to reduce the amount of feeding, that is, to shorten the time of feeding and extend the interval of feeding. With the improvement of the condition, the amount of milk feeding and all kinds of auxiliary food have been gradually recovered.

Carrot juice for diarrhea

After the baby eats watermelon to have diarrhea, the diarrhea effect can be achieved through dietotherapy. Carrot juice is an alkaline food, containing pectin, which can promote the formation of stool and adsorption of bacteria.

The method is: first use 500g carrot, wash and mash, add a little water to boil for 10-15 minutes, filter with gauze, add water to 1000ml, then add 3-5% sucrose to boil and pour into the bottle, boil for 5-10 minutes and then drink.

Apple puree for diarrhea

Apple fiber is thin, small to intestinal stimulation, rich in alkaline and pectin, with adsorption and convergence effect, suitable for children over 1 year old with diarrhea.

The method is: take 500-700g ripe apples, wash them, mash them into mud, and put them into light tea water.

Timely medical treatment

Diarrhea in infants changes rapidly and their tolerance is poor, so we should be cautious. If the baby's condition does not improve during home treatment and nursing, the frequency of watery stool is frequent, thirst is obvious, eyes are sunken, urine volume is obviously reduced and other symptoms such as dehydration and high fever, the baby should be taken to the hospital for further treatment.

Note 1: watermelon belongs to cool food. If you eat too much, it is easy to diarrhea. At first, you must have a small amount. If you are small, you can squeeze juice and dilute it with water to reduce the sweetness and sensitivity to sweetness. If you have molars, chew them directly.

2. Try to choose ripe and fresh watermelons. For the sake of your baby's gastrointestinal health, don't give your baby frozen watermelons.

3. The suggested time to eat watermelon is: two hours after breast-feeding, that is, between meals. In this way, the baby can enjoy the delicious food and promote the absorption of watermelon.

4. Watermelon should be cut into small pieces, remove the seeds, so as to prevent seeds from entering the trachea by mistake and causing danger.