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What should I do when a girl is bitten by a stray dog?

Xiangtan University a girl was bitten by a group of stray dogs on campus after the video came out on the Internet, attracted a lot of people's attention. In fact, walking on the street, there are many stray dogs around us, so in the face of stray dogs, how do you deal with it? The most safe way is not to provoke, quickly leave.

I often meet some stray dogs in the park or on the street. Maybe you just want to care about them and get close to them, but they make a defensive gesture to you. Then you walk away disappointed and don't care about the idea of caring for stray dogs any more, and refuse to adopt them as pets. In fact, not all stray dogs are like this. Most of the time, they defend themselves There's a reason.

What should I do when I meet a stray dog?

If a stray dog attacks you, there are several reasons:

1. Made its territory.

2. Bully or tease it.

3. Pregnant or having a pup.

4. Eating.

So please teach your family to avoid the above four situations. There are also the following principles:

1. Don't run to it.

2. If the dog comes to you, please stand still.

3. Let the dog smell you. This is the way for the dog to recognize people.

4. Speak softly to the dog. Sudden action or rough voice will frighten him.

5. If it looks friendly, tap it slowly. If it's nervous and barks low, this is its warning, don't touch it, and leave it slowly.

6. It is very dangerous not to run away at the sight of the dog.