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Woman falls in love with her boyfriend, father, dog blood plot, destroys Sanguan, kid is very intern

according to the Internet, Jamie Rae Robertson, a 27 year old British woman, went home with her boyfriend to see her parents. Unexpectedly, she fell in love with each other's father. However, both of them had partners at that time. After a struggle and the blessing of their separated boyfriend, they decided to take this step and plan to join hands on the red carpet in July this year. Robertson recalled the love and said happily: 'when we shook hands for the first time, I knew that this person was the one I wanted to spend my whole life with. '

Robertson, a tattoo artist, got to know her ex boyfriend in August 2013 because of the ornaments on her ankles. They fell in love very quickly. She went home with each other to see her parents soon after the interaction. Unexpectedly, this changed her life in the future. She fell in love with her boyfriend's father.

'as soon as we shake hands, we know that he is the one I want to spend my whole life with. 'Robertson recalled the scene of her first meeting with her ex boyfriend's father, Andy pinders, and went on to say that whether it was the voice of the other party or watching her eyes, she felt shy, and even began to look forward to the family dinner on Sunday, but at the same time, she was sorry for her ex boyfriend, so the two didn't have much contact at first.

When Andy was interviewed, he also confessed that when he and Robertson met, the moment seemed to see each other's inner soul, 'but she is my son's girlfriend, which is a completely taboo and complex problem. I tried to maintain a friend relationship, but finally failed, because I couldn't ignore the real feelings between us. '

After Andy and Robertson formally socialized in 2015, the relatives and friends around him could not understand. Fortunately, the son, who was at the center of the incident, was quite generous and gave his blessing to his father and ex girlfriend. Now Andy and Robertson have daughters and are expected to be married in July.