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What is the white hair floating on the street? How to prevent Yang Xu allergy in spring?

Seeing the "flying snow" in spring, many people's first reaction must be that "poplar flowers and elm pods have no talent, only to make snow flying all over the sky". Although it looks like snow all over the sky, it's really hard to breathe and cough. It's easy to cause allergies. Do you know what these white hairs are? How to prevent them in spring?

Willow and poplar are widely used in road greening in Henan Province, and the 'white wool' people see is the white wool on the seeds of poplar and willow.

After the female flowers are fertilized, they give birth to their own seeds. When the seeds are ripe, they will spread. At that time, they spread their white hair & lsquo; paragliders & rsquo; and flew far away.

It's worth mentioning that willows begin to age at the age of 20. The older the trees, the more catkins they will get.

These people need special attention!

The first are allergic rhinitis and respiratory diseases.

The allergy caused by catkins mainly occurs in the upper respiratory tract. When catkins are inhaled into the nasal cavity, they will cause strong irritation, runny nose, cough, asthma and other reactions, such as skin pruritus, conjunctival redness, etc., which will seriously affect sleep.

Because of the short respiratory tract and delicate skin, children are more likely to induce discomfort. In addition, parents need to pay more attention to children's poor awareness of protection.

This is the most effective protection!


Wearing glasses can reduce the chance of your conjunctiva being affected, so you might as well use frame glasses instead of contact lenses, or wear sunglasses when you go out.


Mask can reduce the contact with flying flocs and reduce the possibility of allergy. In addition, the catkins are easy to carry pathogens, and the mask can also be effectively isolated.


Reducing the bare area of skin can effectively reduce the probability of itching and red pimple. After all, you can't hurt an allergic child!

Vitamin supplement

In life, we should eat more fresh vegetables, supplement various vitamins, and also eat some quail eggs, which can improve our immunity and reduce the possibility of allergies.

Reduce outdoor activities

Experts suggest that in order to reduce allergies and discomfort, children and patients with respiratory diseases should reduce the time spent outdoors when flying flocs occur.

Home cleaning

Home quickly wash hands and face do not say, it is best to be able to wash the nose with warm water in time. Reduce the attachment of harmful dust, can effectively reduce the initiation of various symptoms.

When does white hair end?

The catkins of willow are usually from the end of March to the beginning of May.

Poplars are slow-moving. They usually appear half a month later than catkins and last until the beginning of June. That is to say, the white hair on the street is expected to accompany us for more than a month ~!