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Man's overpass throwing child is crushed by car and killed

Four seas network news, 29 at 8 p.m., a netizen released a video through the Internet, saying a man left a little boy from the overpass, causing him to be run over by a car. Witnesses at the scene said the man was under police control shortly after throwing the child.

At 20 p.m. Wednesday, Jiulongpo police in Chongqing issued a police briefing, saying that after receiving the alarm, the police immediately went to the scene to control Jiang who threw the child and took the child to the hospital. The boy died after being rescued by the hospital.

According to Jiulongpo police in Chongqing, when Jiang, the father of the child, took the bus from Chengdu to Chongqing and went to Yuanjiagang one-man overpass in Jiulongpo District, Jiang left his son on the overpass, causing him to be run over by a passing vehicle under the bridge, and then died after ineffective rescue. According to Jiang's family, after his divorce in November 2017, Jiang's stimulated behavior was abnormal.

At present, Jiang has been detained by the public security organs, and the case is under further investigation.