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Wechat is deleted, records are extracted, information security is in danger, too horrible In recent days, there is a message about wechat that makes the majority of wechat users have doubts, and once again makes the privacy and security of personal wechat chat records more concerned.

In March 2018, an agency extracted a group of deleted wechat chat records from the interviewees during the process of handling a designated project. According to this clue, the investigators changed their conversation ideas, made the interviewees' psychology loose, explained the problems, and promoted the project review and Investigation & hellip; & hellip; '

As you can see, the key sentence is to extract a set of deleted wechat chat records from the interviewee. A lot of people may be upset. Shouldn't wechat chat records be deleted and never be seen again? Why can they be retrieved? What's the matter?

Tencent responded to the misgivings of wechat users caused by the above news in the afternoon of April 29.

Tencent said there was a misunderstanding about the message's' extraction to a group of deleted wechat chat records'.

Tencent security expert TK explained that: it's not only the chat records of various instant messaging apps, but also the files, contacts, SMS, call records, Notepad, calendar, etc. on the mobile phone, which can be recovered even if deleted.

Tencent also pointed out that whether it's a computer or a mobile phone, when you accidentally delete some important files, you can use some data recovery software to find the files, or you can use some technologies to recover the deleted data, such as chat record data.

Tencent also stressed that the extraction of deleted wechat chat records mentioned in the message was actually recovered from the storage system of the mobile device itself through judicial forensics technology. Some domestic forensics tools can also support the forensics of dozens of instant messaging apps.

Tencent also clarified three points in response to the concerns of wechat users about the privacy and security of wechat chat records:

1、 Wechat does not keep any user's chat records, and the chat content is only stored on the user's mobile phone, computer and other terminal devices.

2、 Wechat will not use any chat content of users for big data analysis.

3、 Because wechat doesn't store and analyze users' chat content, we don't have permission and no reason to see your wechat.