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The man compensates his ex-wife in cash

according to, the man compensated his ex-wife in cash, and put forward a million yuan in cash on the spot. Netizen: can't wait to get rid of the wife. In recent years, the divorce rate of the post-80s and post-90s has been rising. Some people say it's because the young people are living too clearly and want too much. Some say it's because the social temptation is too much. Some say it's because the parents of the only child are too easy to compete. But whether the parents join in and lead to divorce, or the couple can't live on their own and lead to divorce, we need to think about too many problems Why is it more difficult to maintain a younger marriage?

Cash compensation for ex-wife

Recently, the Weiyang District Court of Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, decided a divorce case. Guo and Liu are both the 80s generation. They were introduced to each other and married in 2009. It's going to be the tenth anniversary of marriage, and the child is six years old. Unexpectedly, there is a divorce.

In fact, the couple started from scratch and worked hard together. In those days, they have become rich and have more money, but their conflicts have become deeper and deeper. But why does the husband and wife have a harmonious relationship instead of money?

In 2012, after the wife gave birth to a child, she shifted the focus of her life to the family and gradually faded out of the company's management. Business is becoming more and more successful, but Guo is busy running company affairs, and gradually neglects to care for his wife, and the couple who get together less and leave more are increasingly divided.

In January this year, Guo sued to the Weiyang District Court for divorce. At first, the couple held their own opinions and did not give way to each other. Their emotions were very antagonistic. The two people were concerned about everything and were angry everywhere. They could not properly negotiate about the division of property and the maintenance and visit of their children. Later, the judge appeased the two people's emotions, repeatedly interpreted the law and analyzed the reasons, and the two sides gradually relaxed.

the judge said that pestering not only causes litigation fatigue, but also is not conducive to the healthy growth of children, and is not conducive to the new life of both sides. Finally, the two sides reached a divorce agreement under the mediation of many times: they agreed to divorce, and Guo paid Liu one million yuan as economic compensation. The child is raised by Guo and bears the alimony on his own. On the premise of not affecting the normal study and life of the child, he has made a friendly agreement on the visiting time and way.

Then Guo's move was astonishing. He paid his wife 1 million yuan in cash on the spot, saying that he would get together with his wife. Later, the bailiff escorted the woman to the bank to deposit money.

Netizens said that one million cash can be put out on the spot, either prepared in advance, or too much money, trying to make money together, but this is the result. It seems that the man can't wait to get rid of his wife! However, some netizens think that it's very good to take one million cash on the spot, at least without delay, which is an attitude to solve the problem.