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Give bad reviews, blood washed family, Taobao seller, language provocation, threat, arrogance

now China has entered the era of online shopping. Do you buy most of the daily necessities online? When shopping on Taobao, if the product quality is not good, many people may sometimes give poor reviews, so how to deal with poor reviews? It's not uncommon for bad reviews to be threatened on the Internet, so what Xiaobian wants to say is that it's the hard truth to make the product quality, and it's only self serving to intimidate others without any reason.

On April 25, Li Haifeng, a Zhengzhou consumer (not his real name), reported to the Chinese consumer newspaper that he had bought several packages of dried fruits in the shop named "Zuoxian Xinjiang specialty" on Taobao. He found that he was short of weight and had flaws. He had differences in communication with the businessmen. After several negotiations, the other party became more and more angry, and even threatened him to "buy air tickets and blood wash your family immediately if he had bad comments.". '

After that, the seller actually sent a screenshot of the ticket order to Li Haifeng, and sent a message, constantly threatening him, kneeling was useless.

After that, the other side sent Li Haifeng a screenshot of the ticket order he bought, and sent him information, constantly threatening him, kneeling was useless. Li Haifeng chose to call the police in Aksu, where the business is located.

Give bad reviews and be threatened with 'blood washing the whole family'

What happened? On the morning of April 25, Li Haifeng, 50, told reporters the story. On April 15, Li Haifeng bought two dried fruits, such as Padan wood and raisins, at a shop called "zuoshishan Xinjiang specialty" on After receiving the goods, he found that several products have different degrees of 'lack of weight', in addition to some defective products.

Li Haifeng said that he contacted businesses and raised his doubts. He did not expect that the other side had a bad attitude and began to threaten. Taobao chat records provided by Li Haifeng show that at the beginning, both sides were restrained. Li Haifeng questioned the quality of the goods. Unexpectedly, the business sent a threatening case: 'the day before yesterday, a student received my blueberry, saying it was fake. I explained to her that she didn't listen to me. I gave three bad comments on what she had bought before. Then I bought the same money from three other stores and sent it to the political and educational office of their school. '

Li Haifeng, who felt the threat, expressed his dissatisfaction. 'I think in such a situation, I will give poor comments to the merchants. "Li Haifeng said.

After Li Haifeng put forward all the bad comments, the merchant said, "if you have bad comments, I will (buy) the ticket immediately.". Since then, it's "the thing that wants to die" and you're polite to treat yourself as a person. "Hurry up stupid" abuse. Another scene that Li Haifeng didn't expect appeared: the businessman urged Li Haifeng to give poor comments in the chat, and then said "blood wash your family".

The merchant also left a sentence in the chat: you kind of buyer, don't kill several, it's really not good.

The threat of merchants buying air tickets is escalating

Just because of the bad reviews, they were threatened by the merchants to "blood wash the whole family". Angry Li Haifeng still gave the merchants bad comments. Just two minutes later, the other side sent a screenshot of the ticket order of "Aksu Zhengzhou" at 13:10 p.m. on April 29, and posted Li Haifeng's receiving address, phone number and other personal information.

The reporter of China consumer daily saw in the dialogue records provided by Li Haifeng that the businessmen also reminded Li Haifeng not to forget to call the police and provided his name and ID card number. 'don't forget to call the police. My name is Zuo x, ID card number is 6528271986xxxxxxx '.

At 10:33 a.m. on April 24, Li Haifeng's mobile phone received two messages' I hope you don't pee your pants. You can't even delete comments or kneel down for me. '

At 10:37 a.m. on April 24, Li Haifeng, who felt the threat, decided to report the problem to and report to the command center of Aksu Public Security Bureau, where the shop is located.

At 13:56 p.m. on April 24, employees of Taobao's consumer hotline called Li Haifeng and told him that according to his feedback, they had reported to their superiors and would give him feedback according to the survey results.

Police confirmed the threat

Li Haifeng said that he is now trembling. There are old people and children in his family. Now someone knocks at the door and feels scared. 'I reported the problem to Taobao. Com. They asked for a screenshot. Now 24 hours have passed without a reply. "Li Haifeng said that after multiple contacts, he will be subject to the" death threat "several times, and told the Aksu police in detail.

At 17:58 p.m. on April 24, a police officer surnamed Hou, who called himself Aksu police, contacted Li Haifeng. The reporter learned from the dialogue recording provided by Li Haifeng that the local police had found the party concerned, and confirmed that the other party did claim the threat of "blood washing the whole family", at the same time, it also confirmed that Zuo did buy a ticket.

Li Haifeng was not satisfied with the police's handling. "The police said that they only threatened by words and did not threaten verbally in person, so according to the regulations, it is not enough for administrative detention and punishment. "Li Haifeng told reporters that the police also told him that the reason for Zuo to book a ticket for five days was to leave room for circumspection.

The reporter also learned from the recorded dialogue between the two sides that the police officer Hou said that the call is only a preliminary briefing and will consult the relevant legal departments on how to determine the nature, and will further handle it according to the investigation results.

At 17:20 p.m. on April 25, Li Haifeng told reporters that Aksu police contacted him twice in the afternoon for communication.

At 17:31 p.m. on April 25, the reporter called the consumer service hotline of, and the staff confirmed to the reporter: "according to the complaint work order record, it shows that the merchant reviled and harassed the buyer, and threatened to kill him. '


At 17:17 p.m. on April 26, the official microblog @ Aksu of news office of Aksu regional administration of Xinjiang issued a briefing:

On April 25, Li Haifeng, a consumer in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, was investigated by Aksu Market Supervision Bureau and Aksu E-Commerce Association due to the conflict between online shopping and merchants. It has coordinated the closure of its online stores in Taobao, and seized its physical stores in the territory. The local public security organ has intervened in the investigation and will deal with it according to law.

Thank you for your concern about this event and Aksu.

Aksu market supervision and Administration Bureau

April 26, 2018