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European Champions League Arsenio beat Real Madrid 2-1 away to reverse Bayern

Four seas news, Beijing time, April 26, 2018, 2:45, the first leg of the Champions League semi-final, Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid at home. In the first half, Robben was replaced because of injury only 7 minutes after the start. J Rowe helped kimihi to break the goal first, then Boateng left because of injury. Ribery missed the chance of a single shot. Before the end of the midfield, Marcello shot low in the air to level the score. In the second half, Arsenio came on as a substitute to break the goal with a single shot. Kawahar was injured and retreated. Levandowski missed the goal with a single shot. Bayern Munich's 1-2 home game was reversed by Real Madrid.

The two teams can be said to be the old rivals in the Champions League. Bayern lost to Real Madrid twice at home in the Champions League knockout stage and were eliminated. It is worth looking forward to whether heinks can lead Bayern to win over the swing Real Madrid this season. Both Ronaldo and levan are top strikers in Europe. They keep good goal efficiency. This match will also be a direct contest between the two champions. In this game, j-rowe will face the old owners. Robben and Ribery will start with levan, Bidar and Araba are injured. In Real Madrid, c-rowe will start with Isko and Basque, Benzema and bell will be on standby, and the midfield trio will still start with each other. At the beginning of the first half, Bayern Munich took the lead in kick-off. One minute, levandovsky in the restricted area left cross, after Mueller volley hit the door, Marcello will break the ball. One minute, cross in the penalty area left cross, after the point no one to pick up. Four minutes later, Robben sat on the court and the team doctor came in for an examination. 5 minutes, Boateng backcourt long pass was directly confiscated by Navas. Six minutes later, Casimiro picked and passed the penalty area, and Ronaldo was offside. Seven minutes, Robben because of injury can not insist on being replaced by Tiago. Nine minutes, humels sent straight, Ramos came forward to tackle the ball. 12 minutes, Boateng backcourt long pass, varane will break the ball. In 13 minutes, the left set piece of J Rowe's front court was sent into the forbidden area and was ejected from the baseline by Ramos. 15 minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo in front of the left passer was put down, the referee did not say. In 16 minutes, levandovsky's right cross was confiscated by Navas. In 16 minutes, the left wing shot from the front of the restricted area of Isko was blocked. 18 minutes later, rafinha's long-range shot outside the restricted area was confiscated by the goalkeeper.

19 minutes, the c Luo forbidden area right cross was blocked out of the bottom line. 21 minutes, Isko long cross restricted area, Ulrich attack to take the ball off. In 22 minutes, the goalkeeper held kawahar's volley in the penalty area.

In 24 minutes, cross's right corner went into the penalty area and the ball flew out of the baseline. 26 minutes, Basque's right cross, c Luo header top deflection. 27 minutes, J Luo midfield straight plug, jimishi with the ball into the right side of the restricted area and shot hard to break, Bayern Munich 1-0 Real Madrid.

29 minutes, Basque rub pass restricted area, c Luo offside. In 30 minutes, Boateng took the ball to the front court, fell to the ground in the scramble, and then was replaced by Jules. 32 minutes, Ribery left cross was shot by Navas. 33 minutes, Tiago cross the penalty area, Ribery single knife face Navas, Navas attack to catch the ball.

In 37 minutes, kawahar knocked down rafinia. In 38 minutes, jumeier's backcourt set piece was directly confiscated by the goalkeeper. 40 minutes, Bayern's right corner into the restricted area, levan point ahead of a rub, jumels hit high. 41 minutes, rafinha left cross, Mueller point after the door was blocked out of the baseline. 43 minutes, Marcelo penalty area forward volley low goal to level the score, Bayern Munich 1-1 Real Madrid.

45 minutes, J Rowe left in front of the set piece to pick the forbidden area, levandowski header was confiscated by Navas. At the end of the first half, Bayern Munich 1-1 Real Madrid. At the beginning of the second half of the match, Real Madrid opened the middle circle. 46 minutes, the c Luo forbidden area before the long shot hit. 49 minutes, Martinez left cross, Navas hit the ball. 49 minutes, Ribery inside the restricted area of the left baseline cross, Muller in front of the point did not touch the ball. In 53 minutes, Ribery made a left-wing cross to the baseline. 54 minutes, varane long pass restricted area was confiscated by the goalkeeper. 55 minutes, Mueller's right cross in the forbidden area, levandovsky's header ferry was cleared by Modric. In 56 minutes, Bayern's backcourt pass error was cut by Arsenio, the cross on the right side of Basque, Basque's Cross knock, Arsenio's single shot into the forbidden area to break the score, Bayern Munich 1-2 Real Madrid.

In 58 minutes, Ribery's left side of the penalty area swung open and the defender shot hard and was saved by Navas. In 60 minutes, kimihi left corner into the penalty area, no teammates to fight for the top. 62 minutes, Tiago restricted area arc top volley was blocked, Ribery restricted area left volley was saved by Navas.

65 minutes, in the j Luo forbidden area the right side bottom line crosses is blocked the bottom line. 66 minutes, jimishi in front of the right cross, the restricted area of the scuffle was then wide footed. In 68 minutes, Ribery shot from the left side of the restricted area and was saved by Navas. In 70 minutes, Modric made a long pass in midfield, and Ronaldo volleyed in the penalty area. The referee indicated that handball was first and the goal was invalid.

74 minutes, cross in front of the right side set pieces into the restricted area, humels header out. In 75 minutes, Benzema got the chance in the middle of the front court, and the goalkeeper blocked the right way in the forbidden area.

78 minutes, Tiago penalty area in front of the right set piece to cross the penalty area, humels ferry by Ramos big foot. 81 minutes, Modric straight inside the restricted area, Ulrich attack to confiscate the ball. 84 minutes, Ribery left cross was cleared. 86 minutes, J Luo penalty area left set piece ball into the penalty area, varane header to break. 87 minutes, torreso straight into the restricted area, levandovsky restricted area single shot shot shot hit.

89 minutes, rafinha left cross was cleared.

91 minutes, Benzema midfield sent cross, c Luo offside. 93 minutes, Ribery restricted area left side inverted triangle pass was confiscated by Navas.

At the end of the game, Bayern Munich lost 2-1 to Real Madrid. Bayern Munich: 26 ulreich, 32 kimich, 17 Boateng (33 & rsquo; 4-jules), 5 jumeles, 13 lafinia, 8 Martinez (74 & rsquo; 24 torliso); 25 Muller, 11 Hames Rodriguez, 7 Ribery, 10 Robben (8 & rsquo; 6-tiago); 9 levandovsky's substitute did not appear: 19 Rudy, 2 Wagner, 14 Bernard, 22 stark Royal madder RI: 1-navas; 2-kawahar (65 & rsquo; 9-benzema); 4-ramos; 5-varane; 12-marcello; 14-camaro (83 & rsquo; 23-kovasic); 8-cross; 10-modric; 17-basque; 22-isko (45 & rsquo; 20-arsencio); 7-c-luo substitute did not play: 13-casillas, 3-balejo, 11 bell, 15 Teo.