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Is Xiaolongnv gay when she sends a short video to ask for help?

Recently, Xiao Long's daughter Wu Zhuolin posted a video on the Internet in the name of Jackie Chan's daughter. Wu Zhuolin and her girlfriend andI said in the video that they also hope to see the netizens help forward it. In such a failed environment, she finally said it was Jackie & lsquo; s daughter. She was really sad.

However, careful Netizens found that Wu Zhuolin had five finger prints on his right face, which seemed to have been hit. In response, Wu Qili said: 'I hope they don't spend all their time shooting video clips. They should find a proper job. At the same time, he criticized andI for not using others' reputation to teach children bad things. In fact, many people say that his girlfriend andI, in her 30s, just uses 19-year-old Wu Zhuolin to help her. He just wants Jackie Chan to come out and help her, and sooner or later, he will kick Wu Zhuolin away. So the netizen points to Wu Zhuolin's five finger prints on his face and explains everything. It seems that he has been hit by andI. What do you think?

When the short film of XiaoLongNu's desire to "find her father" was exposed, Wu Qili criticized her girlfriend andI through the reporter: 'she said that she was a teacher, so she should have a correct value. She hoped that they would not spend all their time shooting video clips, which was meaningless. They should find a proper job, not take advantage of other people's reputation, not teach the children bad. '

At the same time, Wu Qili sighed: 'love is so great. She (Wu Zhuolin) listens to her girlfriend in every way. In fact, it doesn't matter. The most important thing is to know how to go home. No matter what harm you encounter outside, mom's door will open for her. Although mom is not a good tempered person, she is learning now. 'it can be seen that the mother daughter relationship is not as bad as you think.