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How can fresh cherries be preserved? Cherry preservation tips sharing

It's may day and the season when a large number of fresh cherries are on the market. Do you like cherries? Cherries are colorful and nutritious. Cherry is one of the most popular fruits in summer. Eating cherry often can cure iron deficiency anemia, beauty and beauty.

How to keep cherries fresh

Keep cherries in refrigerator

Methods: to select cherries, distinguish the cherries with and without pedicels, and distinguish the fresh cherries from the fresh ones. Wipe the cherries with paper, keep the surface dry, and put them in the basket for future use. Wash the cherries and drain them in the basket. Take a clean paper box, put a layer of napkin on the bottom layer, then put cherries, then put a layer of cherries, then put a layer of napkin, so repeatedly until the cherries are filled, and finally put a layer of paper towel on cherries. Put the cherries with paper towels in the refrigerator and store at about 2 ℃.

Keep the cherries in a dark, dark and ventilated place

In the absence of a refrigerator, the cherry can be packed in a mesh plastic bag and hung in a ventilated, dark and dry place, which can appropriately slow down the deterioration of the cherry. However, this method can only be preserved for 2-4 days, and it will still rot or lose too much water and dry.

Keep cherry in lemon juice

Wash the purchased cherries with clear water, then dry the water, take some pure lemon juice, put the processed cherries in the lemon juice, and put them together in the refrigerator for refrigeration, so that the storage time of cherries can be extended to 10 to 15 days. Because lemon juice is a kind of acid substance, it has excellent antisepsis, which can prevent microorganisms from damaging cherries, but this way of preserving cherries costs a lot and some people don't like it.

Preservation of processed cherries

Cherry can not only be eaten fresh, but also be processed into other foods with long shelf life. Fresh cherries only have a fresh-keeping period of about two days in normal temperature weather, that is, they can only be stored for about ten days by other methods of refrigeration. If you want to taste the fresh and delicious cherries all year round, you'd better process them and then save them.

What should be paid attention to in the preservation of fresh cherries

1. Fresh cherries can be stored for about 2 days under normal temperature, and can be stored for 5 days if they are put in the refrigerator, and longer if they are in winter. However, cherries should be eaten as soon as possible while they are fresh. If they can't eat at one time, it's better to wash as many cherries as you like. The cherries to be stored should not be washed first, so as not to damage the protection barrier of cherries themselves.

2. Do not use plastic bags or plastic boxes to pack cherries, because poor air permeability is easy to cause cherries to rot. In addition, the fruit stalk can not be removed, and it is easy to be damaged after removing the fruit stalk.