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What's the difference between cherries and cherries? Three ways to distinguish easily

We often see cherries or cherries in supermarkets. But the price of cherries in the United States is significantly higher than that of cherries, so what's the difference between the two? Let's take a look at it with

1. Cherries and cherries have different appearance and taste

In our daily life, we often see the varieties of chelizi are Binying and Linbao. The cherry fruit of Binying variety will show dark red color, with thick and firm skin, good elasticity and sweet taste. The cherry fruit of Linbao variety will be light yellow, delicate and juicy, mainly produced in the United States, Canada, etc.

Cherries are smaller than cherries, and they have thin skin, juicy flesh, sweet taste and light red color. The main producing areas are Shandong, Anhui, etc.

2. The growth habits of the two fruits are different

Cheriko in the northwest of the United States is really a seasonal fruit. Only in June of each year can chelizi mature, and then it will go to the market in the middle of August. After that, Chilean cheriko began to appear on the market.

Chinese cherries are weak in cold resistance. They like warm and humid climate. They will mature in May, mainly on the sunny side of the hillside or on the edge of the ditch.

3. The nutritional value of the two fruits is different

The nutrition of cherries and cherries is not very different, but the iron content of cherries is much higher than that of cherries. The iron content of cherries is at the top of all kinds of fruits. Eating cherries can supplement iron in the body and promote the regeneration of hemoglobin in the body. Eating more cherries can not only prevent iron deficiency anemia, but also enhance physical fitness, which has the effect of brain and intelligence. Cherry's nutritional value is very high. It can regulate the middle Qi, strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach. It has a very good help for anorexia and dyspepsia.

When you buy cherries and cherries, you must distinguish them according to the color of their appearance. The appearance of cherries is black and purple, which is a little bigger than cherries. Generally, cherries are more fragrant and sweet than domestic cherries, and the flesh is also harder. The fruit is large, firm and juicy, with sweet taste. Let's choose the right cherry and cherry!