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Class 9 aircraft will be banned. Do not foul these aircraft

In view of the frequent occurrence of various acts of disturbance in recent years, relevant measures have been finally put forward for such acts, and once these measures are implemented, they will have a certain adverse impact on the suspected personnel of disturbance. So in the future, you should pay attention to your words and deeds when you go out to take a plane, or it will not be good if you are banned from flying.

In the relevant rules, class 9 aircraft will be banned from flying, and these specific serious dishonest people will not be able to take the aircraft and have a time limit.

In May, the new air administration policy was issued. Recently, it was heard that smoking on motor cars would be banned for 180 days, and now it has been upgraded to "no flying". Recently, eight departments jointly issued the opinion on properly restricting certain serious dishonest people to take civil aircraft within a certain period of time to promote the construction of social credit system.

The opinions will be put into effect from May 1, and the regulations on smoking and riding in motor cars will be put into effect from the first day of May. "Opinions" clearly stipulates that all 9 types of aircraft disturbances, such as occupying seats on airplanes and crashing the tarmac, will be banned from flying, which means that they will be listed as "serious dishonest people", and these nine types of specific serious dishonest people will not be able to fly for a year. Remember, it's a year of flight ban, so passengers can take a rest and see what kind of aircraft disturbances are included?

Nine aircraft will be banned

1. Fabricating or deliberately disseminating false information related to air defense safety;

2. Forging, altering or falsely using other people's boarding identity documents and boarding certificates;

3. Block, occupy and impact check-in counter, security inspection channel and boarding gate channel;

4. Carry or consign dangerous goods, contraband and controlled goods;

5. Forcibly board and intercept the aircraft, break into or impact the cockpit, runway and apron of the aircraft.

6. Obstruct or incite others to obstruct the crew, security inspection, check-in and other staff to perform their duties, or threaten to carry out personal attacks;

7. Forcibly occupying seats, fighting, intentional damage, theft and other acts disturbing the order of the cabin;

8. Using open fire or smoking in the aircraft does not listen to the dissuasion;

9. These 9 types of aircraft that steal other people's articles in the aircraft will be banned for one year!