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How do parents guide their children to watch cartoons correctly?

Four seas network news, if you can't rest assured that even your childhood's favorite cartoon, who will guard your children's most innocent soul? A few days ago, a news tweeted on the Internet surprised me: Wuhu, a 6-year-old girl, somehow jumped from the 13th floor! The culprit is the cartoon, so parents must guide their children to watch the cartoon Teach them to distinguish between reality and reality.

The child fell on the balcony of the front room on the 6th floor. Fortunately, the neighbor found the abnormality and called the police.

The little girl was rushed to the hospital by 120 ambulance, which was a life.

I thought the child was abused or can't think about it, so I found a short-sighted. Unexpectedly, the reason is so absurd that it makes people angry:

When the little girl jumped down, she held up a little flower umbrella. It's because of the influence of cartoon, we should imitate the plot.

This is not the first time.

In March 2017, a five-year-old girl in Urumqi was learning the cartoon, flying down from the 11th floor with an umbrella and seriously injured.

After a year, I didn't expect the tragedy to happen again.

Always feel far away from their children, but once it happens, it is the disaster of the whole family.

What a pain!

How many children have been killed by imitating cartoons

After watching cartoons, children often imitate 'doing evil', which makes us defenseless.

8-year-old boy kidnaps and burns his companion in imitation of cartoon

In April 2013, an 8-year-old boy in Lianyungang made a game of "kidnapping roast sheep" by imitating the cartoon plot.

Two young friends were tied to a tree to light a fire, causing severe burns, of which the 5-year-old brother had 80% of the whole body.

Two and a half year old boy cut himself by imitating cartoon

In March 2014, a two-and-a-half-year-old boy in Suqian cut his middle finger and ring finger with an axe, imitating the characters in the cartoon.

10-year-old girl imitates cartoon and saws her sister with a chainsaw

In March 2016, my 10-year-old sister turned out a chainsaw and saw her sister's face in imitation of the cartoon using the chainsaw;.

When my sister was sent to the hospital, her nose and right face were sawed & hellip; & hellip;

4-year-old boy set fire by imitating cartoon

In April 2017, a 4-year-old boy in Anhui Province, who imitated the scene of the fire in the cartoon, burned the fire in the room, and the room was almost completely destroyed.

It's just horrible.

The tragedy was so closely staged that it sounded an alarm to every parent.

Why children are frequently recruited

There is a famous experiment in Psychology:

In the experiment, two groups of children were randomly assigned to two rooms. One group watched violent fighting TV programs, the other watched mild TV programs.

As a result, children who had watched violent fighting began to tear dolls and fight with each other.

The other group of children did not show such behavior.

The mental development of children aged 3-10 is not sound.

Children can't distinguish the real world from the virtual world, and they don't know what their behavior means.

If he watches a certain kind of cartoon program for a long time, he will unconsciously imitate the plot of the program.

-When you see dangerous actions in the animation but you are safe, you will ignore the danger and think you can do it;

-When we see violence in cartoon but we are happy, we think that attack is normal social behavior;

-Watching animation with bloody plot for a long time may do cruel things.

For children, discrimination is not enough, but imitation is their nature.

A good cartoon is not only a good memory of children's childhood, but also a window for children to know the world.

But bad cartoons are executioners who lead children into the abyss of sin.

Expert opinion

Professor Tong Xiaojun, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said:

This kind of video, that is, information violence against children, will affect children's cognition and behavior.

The child will think what he sees is realistic and correct.

When watching these violent and bloody wrong plots, children will be in fear and anxiety.

This will greatly affect the child's nerve development and hinder the child's attention to learning and interpersonal skills.

If you watch for a long time, the physical and mental damage to children is irreversible.