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Can pregnant women drink red bean and barley porridge? Who can't drink red bean and job's tears porr

We all know the function and effect of red bean and job's tears porridge. Red bean and job's tears porridge has many functions, such as clearing away heat and fire, reducing weight, beautifying and beautifying, but not all people with physical fitness are suitable for drinking. Who can't eat red bean and job's tears porridge?

Can you eat red bean and job's tears porridge in lactation? Women can drink red bean porridge in lactation, especially red bean porridge with some job's tears in it. It can regulate qi deficiency, especially for women with less exercise, weak spleen and stomach, and heavy moisture in the body. It's very good to eat red bean and job's tears soup, which has no effect on women and children in lactation Use with complete confidence, but in the lactation period, girls should pay attention to the raw and cold food is not allowed to eat more, which may affect children through breast milk, and may cause diarrhea.

Who can't eat red bean and job's tears porridge?

People with physical deficiency and cold

Red bean and job's tears porridge contains job's tears, and job's tears are slightly cold, so people with deficiency cold constitution are not suitable to eat this porridge for a long time, especially pregnant women and women in menstruation, should avoid eating it.

Frequent urinator

Red bean, known as "red bean" in traditional Chinese medicine, has obvious effect of benefiting water. Therefore, people with frequent urination should not eat red bean and job's tears porridge to avoid excessive urination after eating.

Pregnant woman

Pregnant women, if they do not feel heavy moisture, should not eat job's tears, because job's tears are still cold, but red beans can be eaten, with dates, lilies, wolfberry and other ingredients to replace job's tears, cooking porridge can also remove moisture, even with other effects.

People with poor digestion

The sugar content of job's tears is high in viscosity, so eating too much may hinder digestion. For people with weak digestion and absorption ability, try to eat less or not.

Menstrual women

Because job's tears will make the body cold, deficiency cold constitution is not suitable for long-term use, so women in menstrual period should avoid eating.

The benefits of eating red bean and job's tears porridge


If the people who are worried, overworked and lack of exercise usually have no blood color on their faces, not enough spirit, even palpitations and sleepiness, and feel their heads are heavy and empty. This is the body has wet and lack of heart qi performance, you can add some osmanthus in red bean congee with cooking.

Calm down

Young people are prone to restlessness, insomnia, or red rash and acne on their faces, which are caused by excessive heat and damp heat. You can add Lily or lotus seed to the red bean congee of job's tears, or both. Lily can moisten the lungs, nourish the face, clear the heart fire and calm the mind.

Relieve cold

If you have a cold, or cold in your body, cold pain in your stomach, or poor appetite, you can add some ginger in the red bean congee of job's tears. Ginger has a warm nature, which can warm and expel cold, strengthen the spleen and stomach. Note that ginger should not be put more, more will make porridge spicy. If you want to add some seasoning to this porridge, you can only put brown sugar, which is also warm.

Treatment of cough

If you cough, you can also peel and core pears and cut them into small pieces of 1-2cm square. Add them to the red bean congee and cook them together. They can moisten the lungs, dissipate phlegm and quench thirst.

Moisten the lung and replenish qi

You can also put yams and pumpkins into the red bean congee. Yams are the holy products for nourishing the spleen and stomach, and they can strengthen the kidney and strengthen the essence, moisten the lung and replenish qi. Pumpkin can nourish Qi, diminish inflammation, relieve pain, kill insects and detoxify. It's very good for protecting pancreas and preventing diabetes