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Netizens want to eat hotpot in the sky. It's luxurious. The only way to eat hotpot is to clap and sh, now many people can play the app of buffeting. Now the most powerful app is the app of buffeting. Many scenic spots and food are popular on buffeting, which has attracted many netizens' attention. Recently, many netizens want to eat hot pot on the sky. They have formed a team to book a tens of millions of airplanes to eat hot pot just to take a video of shaking sound. It's shocking!

Have you ever seen someone eating hotpot in the sky? Soon you will see that someone is going to eat hotpot in the sky, accompanied by a beautiful guide. Now more than 10 netizens want to go to heaven to eat hot pot, which is just money and willfulness. The purpose behind it is only to take a video to upload the shaking sound, and to get the praise of netizens.

Wang Chunyu is the organizer of this activity and one of the few Chongqing people. Wang Chunyu told reporters that the participants of the helicopter hot pot banquet are 10 ordinary buffaloes from all over the country. They will have a helicopter hot pot feast with beautiful food and beautiful scenery in Chongqing by crowdfunding.

First of all, hot pot, Wang Chunyu said, because of the outdoor attribute of helicopter hot pot banquet, they chose a self heated hot pot brand of Chongqing that has its own factory, spicy duona. A bottle of mineral water can cook the hot pot outdoors and enjoy it on the helicopter. At that time, netizens can dip the oil dish on the helicopter and taste more than ten Chongqing hot pot specialties, such as tripe, duck intestines and yellow throat. The second is the helicopter. Wang Chunyu told reporters that in order to maintain the Chongqing characteristics, they will choose a Chongqing made enstelon 480b helicopter with a market value of more than 11 million yuan.

It is reported that the lease time is initially set as one hour. At present, the price has been determined with a Chongqing Airlines Company, waiting for the application airspace to determine the departure time. At that time, you can have a bird's-eye view of the beautiful scenery of Chongqing. Again, the beautiful guide. Wang Chunyu said that many tour guides around were very interested in the activity and volunteered to participate free of charge.

They will choose a Chongqing beauty to randomly explain hot pot culture and Chongqing beauty landmarks to buffaloes on the day of the activity. My original intention is to shoot the tremolo. My purpose of organizing this activity is very simple. I just want to take you to shoot a unique tremolo. I hope to be a hot spot and compete for light in Chongqing, the city of wanghong. '

Wang Chunyu said that in the current popular buffeting software, there are popular videos Taking Chongqing as the shooting object everywhere. The more creative the content is, the higher the praise the netizens give you, and the more people will see your works, so everyone works hard to shoot different themes. 'as we all know, the beauty of delicious food is the three city business cards of Chongqing. You can take a helicopter to have a close and low-altitude view of the beautiful scenery of the mountain city, then eat a spicy hot pot of Chongqing, and then have a beautiful and generous Chongqing beauty to appear in the mirror, there will be many people who will like it. 'said Wang Chunyu.