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How can ant forest get more energy? How to get energy from ant forest

Through various ways to get energy, planting virtual trees, Alipay will help you plant a physical tree in the Alxa Desert, which is environmentally friendly, public welfare and fun. Now many people are waiting to collect energy every day to plant trees? How can ant forest get more energy?

Get energy by yourself (the following nine channels)

① walking donation

No threshold, high energy can be obtained; it's OK to open the walking donation, and the number of steps per day reaches 10000, and the energy can reach hundreds of grams, which is the most simple and effective way to obtain energy;

② offline payment

The threshold is low, and the energy is also low; offline Alipay payment can be obtained, but the energy is rarely only 5g;

③ living expenses

High energy can be obtained, usually more than 500g, from the entrance of living payment, water, electricity, gas, cable TV, fixed broadband, property fees can be paid;

④ online ticket (movie ticket)

Can obtain high energy, should be pay treasure to promote to clean out ticket ticket, it is intentional;

⑤ online train ticket

Compared with online movie tickets, the energy obtained is a little lower, but also a high energy;

⑥ appointment registration ⑦ subway travel ⑧ etc payment ⑨ electronic invoice

All of the above ways are relatively unpopular, but the channels to obtain high energy are all in Alipay city.

Receive energy from friends

1. Increase the number of friends

Friends base event is the premise of more energy. There are less than 100 friends in the ant forest. The energy that can be collected every day is naturally less. Try to add friends every day until the daily limit.

2. When the energy comes into effect

You can charge 1g or 2G if your friends come early and are taken away by the host or others.

3. Ask friends to water

Ask your friend to water it three times a day. You can get 30g energy in total. It's time to witness your friendship;

Everyone, hurry up and make a contribution to environmental protection. Grow your own trees in Alipay ant forest with friends!