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It's shameless for a man to cheat a vagrant into eating toothpaste and tricking others for fun

With the prevalence of short video, more and more Internet red big V began to make video. On youtube, there is a channel called retset, which is dedicated to the whole person. A man uploaded a video of cheating homeless people to eat toothpaste, which immediately aroused public anger. Does homeless people have no morality and dignity?

recently, it released a new video, in which 20-year-old Bo director Kang Hua cheated a homeless man who had not eaten for several days to eat an Oreo with toothpaste in his hand, and was finally sentenced to two years' imprisonment by a Spanish court.

In the video, Ren Kanghua replaces Oreo's white sandwich with toothpaste and repackages it. He distributed the elaborate biscuits to a tramp named George. He has been sleeping on the streets of Barcelona. He is 52 years old. He doesn't know what kind of video retset channel has. After eating the poison Oreo, he felt sick in his stomach and vomited. Maybe I've done too much, but let's go to the optimistic place and think it can help him clean his teeth. I think he hasn't brushed his teeth for a long time. Video commentary.

The channel often gets a lot of attention through various trickery videos, and has previously filled sandwiches with cat droppings and distributed them to students and the elderly. The channel received a total of £ 1730 in advertising through its YouTube video site and has over a million subscriptions. ,

At present, the blogger is facing moral charges, the court is expected to sentence him to two years in prison and a fine of 26100 pounds. Retset then deleted the video and offered George £ 300 to shut up. George said: even if I sleep on the road, no one treats me so badly.