Sihai network

Download a high-definition movie in one second 5g Internet download speed goes against the sky

Downloading a high-definition movie takes only one second, and the speed is 100 times that of 4G network, so the average speed is 5g network. For many people, do you really want to experience how fast 5g network is? It is estimated that the traffic will not be enough in the future!

And just yesterday, with the opening of Chongqing's first mobile 5g test network, the commercial road of Chongqing's 5g network began.

The robot in the video uses the characteristics of 5g communication with low delay. It can control the robot remotely by moving the finger on a small sensor or by grasping.

It is understood that 5g mainly includes three application scenarios: enhanced mobile broadband, mass machine communication and ultra-high reliable low delay communication. Its speed and number of connections are 100 times of 4G, while the network delay is only one tenth of 4G. This advantage of high speed, multi connection and low delay provides strong technical support for Internet of things and cross industry integration innovation.

Chen Tao, director of China Automotive Research (8.440, 0.02, 0.24%) intelligent network vehicle test and Development Center: in the future of vehicle networking, we will integrate real-time road test information and video monitoring into the large system of intelligent vehicle and intelligent transportation by relying on 5g base station.

It is understood that 5g test network will take the lead in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, and gradually expand the coverage.

Lei Xuemei, deputy general manager of China Mobile Chongqing Company: our initial idea is to let customers experience for free.