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Part of the train fare is discounted. Let's hurry to buy tickets

It is a high-speed railway and a large number of trains that must be relied on for travel. It is gratifying to note that Chengdu mobile tickets will be discounted recently. Is it very happy for the little partners of May Day travel?

According to media reports, the price of bullet trains will be discounted. According to the introduction of the head of China Railway Department, since April 28, 2018, the price of some bullet trains of 28 intercity railways will be reduced, and the discount of some bullet trains will be implemented. This is no longer an activity, but a policy, because by the end of this year, the benefits of discount of some bullet trains will also be enjoyed But at the same time, Beijing and Shanghai have a floating ticket price.

The railway department said that in the future, it will adjust the train fare according to the market supply and demand, and will gradually implement one price per day.

The reporter noted that there is a significant difference between the train price on April 27 and that on April 28. For the d7261 train from Guangzhou to Zhuhai on April 27, the first-class fare is 90 yuan and the second-class fare is 70 yuan.

But more importantly, on the 28th, the price of the train has been greatly reduced. The discount of the price of the train has been found. The price of the first-class seat of the same train is 72 yuan, from 90 yuan directly to 72 yuan, the price of the second-class seat is 56 yuan, from 70 yuan to 56 yuan. It's a joy to see such a clear distance!

It has also been mentioned above that Beijing and Shanghai have implemented floating ticket prices. It is understood that the ticket adjustment is not all price reduction. Recently, the price of some sleeper tickets of Beijing Shanghai high speed railway has increased. In the past, the price of d312 train from Shanghai to Beijing was 650 yuan, but now it has increased to 740 yuan. So now, Beijing and Shanghai have implemented floating ticket prices. The flat peak price is Monday to Thursday Saturday, weekend is Friday and Sunday.