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Is it true that Qiongyao was referred to as a junior? Personal information of Qiongyao's husband Pin

Before that, Qiongyao's husband Ping Xintao's ex-wife published a book to expose how Qiongyao was a junior. Recently, Qiongyao has been fighting back. So is Qiongyao a junior high? Let's follow Xiaobian to find out what happened in those days. However, Qiongyao opera, which was more popular when I was a child, seems to be definitely not correct in three aspects, and many of them are absolutely disagree.

Qiong Yao, a well-known writer, shocked the entertainment circle recently when her husband, Ping Xintao's ex-wife Lin Wanzhen, published a book "the light of the past" to expose how she infiltrated her ex husband's marriage, and then supported her from the junior high school, Taiwan media reported. After a day of silence, she finally made a voice, and Po produced a short film of monk's Apprentice's announcement, and Yue Fei's song poem "xiaochongshan" to fight back the original accusation. Through the dialogue between Shifu and the little monk, it's like saying 'separate because they are no longer suitable', "break up is to break up, wrong & hellip; doesn't make sense" and so on. Lin Wanzhen should look at it a little bit, and the meaning of the words is well known.

Before that, Lin Wanzhen, pingxintao's ex-wife, revealed 10 secrets about Qiongyao's love letter of five cabinets, midnight phone call, dried beef, car accident, one month in Europe, crumpled book cover of purple shell, work date, going abroad to buy clothes, show new clothes and big red curtains, and revealed how Qiongyao gradually stepped into her marriage with pingxintao. Qiongyao has been silent for a day. Now, through the dialogue of a monk film, she counterattacks Lin Wanzhen's top 10 accusations.

For example, Qiongyao mentioned in the book also told Lin Wanzhen that if she can maintain the status quo, she will not be forced to divorce, because the current situation can maintain the happiness of four people. 'my three children have fathers, her children have fathers, and all four children have warm homes. If we change the status quo, everyone will be unhappy. 'the amount of information is quite large!

Is Qiongyao a junior

It is reported that when Qiongyao and her husband Ping Xintao met, they both had families.

When it comes to Qiongyao, the first thing you think about is her works. But in fact, her emotional life and life experience is really wonderful. She has experienced war, three suicides, a period of love between teachers and students, even intervening in other people's marriage, and has been a third party for ten years.

When Qiongyao and Xintao met each other, they both had families. At that time, Qiongyao's husband, Qing Yun, wrote a writer. They lived a hard life. Qiongyao wrote a book "out of the window" about her experience in high school, and pingxintao was in charge of publishing. Pingxintao appreciated Qiongyao's talent very much. Qiongyao and Qingyun divorced because of their differences in the window. As a single, Qiongyao began to publish many short and medium-sized novels in crown magazine, while Ping Xintao encouraged Qiongyao to go further and further in her creation by virtue of her ability and contacts. They are getting closer and closer in their appreciation, gratitude, admiration and dependence on each other. Qiongyao begins her ten-year career as a "junior" in a mood of obsession.

Later, pingxintao spent eight years negotiating divorce with his wife. Qiongyao also negotiated with pingxintao's wife. The result of the negotiation was to opt out. Later, she planned to marry a man living in the United States, and made plans to start again. But love still let her and Xintao walk together.

Who is Qiongyao's husband?

Ping Xintao (pen name Fei Li), male, born in 1927, Han nationality, Changshu, Jiangsu Province. Graduated from Shanghai Datong University. He edited the supplement of Lianhe daily, founded crown magazine in 1954, and founded crown publishing house in 1965, which attracted the attention of Taiwan publishing industry. The husband of Qiongyao, a Taiwanese writer, was originally assigned to Lin Wanzhen. He is the author of "under the sky", and his translations include "strange man in the wild", "cousin Li Qiu", etc.