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Is it true that Qiongyao is accused of being a junior when she attacks her husband's ex-wife Qiongya

Qiong Yao, a well-known writer, was shocked and entertained by her husband Ping Xintao's ex-wife Lin Wanzhen's book the light of the past, which revealed how she infiltrated her ex husband's marriage and then supported her from the junior high school, Taiwan media reported. Qiongyao, as a writer of many classic dramas, has been criticized for her values in recent years. Let's see what's going on?

after a day of silence, she finally made a voice, and Po produced a short film of monk giving instructions to her apprentice, and Yue Fei's song poem "little heavy mountain" to fight back the original accusation.

At the beginning, Qiongyao misses Liu Lili, the famous director who made her work and made it into a TV play: 'I know that sister Liu is gone, but it's not peaceful this day. I miss sister Liu, and I also think of some problems & lsquo; the predecessors planted trees and the descendants enjoyed the cool & rsquo;, which I'm very sorry about.' then the story turned around, and a paragraph of xiaochongshan written by Yue Fei was attached. Frankly, it's a reflection of her current mood, and she said that there is still something at the end of the article A short clip: 'I named it & lsquo; what is love in the world? & rsquo; it has deep philosophy. Look carefully! Think carefully!'

Qiongyao, 80, was accused by Lin Wanzhen. When she first published her first work, she was invited to Ping's house as a new writer. After that, she became a best-selling writer through the window. She lived in Taipei from Kaohsiung, rented a house opposite Ping's house, and finally moved away, which was the beginning of her penetration into Ping's house. She would wear her new clothes and ask Ping Xintao if she was good-looking. She called the man and asked: 'I'm eating beef jerky. Would you like to send some from the phone for you to eat? 'I found her love letter.

Qiongyao was also accused of having a father for three of my children, a father for her children, and a warm home for all four. If we change the status quo, everyone will be unhappy. 'it's said that Lin Wanzhen should accept the status of two maids and one husband, and finally let Ping Xintao force Lin Wanzhen to sign for divorce and end the love triangle that has been pestering her for more than 10 years. She also successfully supported her childhood and became the new mistress of Ping's family.

In the face of Lin Wanzhen's accusation, Qiongyao quoted the third paragraph of "little heavy mountain" in the post: "Bai Shou is the official title, the old mountain is full of pines and bamboos, which hinders the return journey. 'it's Ping Xintao, and the monk's' opening quotation' in the short film is also understood by the outside world as if Qiongyao is hinting at Lin Wanzhen, so we need to see the opening point. The dialogue excerpt is as follows:

Apprentice: how long is it?

Master: to say "forever" is to identify you! & hellip; & hellip; forever, from today to before death

Apprentice: Master, why are so many people hurt in love?

Master: to love someone is to give him the right to hurt you. But the world is changeable. I'm afraid that I'll get back everything, but I'll only get hurt.

Apprentice: Master, leaves leave the tree. Is the tree bad for it?

Master: No.

Apprentice: did the wind take it?

Master: neither.

Apprentice: then they are good together. Why should they separate?

Master: they are separated because they are no longer suitable

Apprentice: no longer appropriate? Who is wrong about & hellip?

Master: to leave is to leave. To break up is to break up. There is no point in wrong or right. No longer suitable for two people, rather than depleting each other's nutrients with withering, it is better to be calm together and each other, everything depends on fate.