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India's prenuptial detective has become a hot industry

Do you know why Indian pre marriage detectives became popular? In India, weddings are usually big. In order to organize a decent wedding, many Indian families will even spend their life savings. Such a blood based investment makes Indian families very cautious about the choice of bridegroom or bride. Indian families are increasingly looking to hire a pre marital private detective before their wedding to investigate the background of the groom or bride, and there is even a shortage of pre marital detectives, BBC reported Monday.

Network makes information opaque

India has a large number of premarital detective offices to investigate the past relationships, real income and family background of new people, among which taralika runs the national detective consulting company.

Taralika started her job as a premarital detective in 1987. Before she started her career, she didn't have any training, so to speak, she learned while working. Five years later, taralika opened her own pre marital detective office. At first, she worked alone. Now, with the booming market for premarital detectives, taralika has hired 15 employees.

'in India, premarital surveys are becoming more and more popular. One reason is that many people know each other online. Before, we had an aunt and sister-in-law to introduce you. Now, you know the other half online, and his or her resume is likely to be forged. 'in this case, taralika said, many families feel the need to hire a premarital detective in case the new family member is actually a big liar.

Female customers are the main group

In the pre marriage investigation, there is a great demand for female detectives, because women are the biggest clients of pre marriage detective offices, and they prefer to hire detectives of the same gender. One of the reasons why women are the main customers is that Indians tend to prepare large dowries when they marry their daughters, which makes some people have evil ideas, deliberately conceal or even tamper with personal information.

Taralika recalled a case she had taken over. A successful entrepreneur in Delhi came to taralika's premarital detective office, hoping to help him investigate his' future son-in-law '. The "future son-in-law" always wears designer high-end fashion, drives luxury sports cars, and also often haunts high-end places. However, the wealthy family still have doubts about the future son-in-law, hoping to thoroughly investigate his background. As a result, taralika's team members followed the man for several weeks and found that he was just a high-level liar, faking his address and renting a luxury sports car to fool young women.

New technical means to assist investigation

At present, according to the requirements of customers, there are different charges for premarital investigation. However, the basic charge for premarital investigation is $500. In taralika's view, one of the difficulties of the work is that it is often difficult to tell the truth to the clients if the respondents are not what the clients think. In this case, it is very important to collect corroborating evidence, such as photos or telephone recordings.

From this point of view, premarital detective would like to thank the development of technology. The development of science and technology not only brings more business to the pre marital detective, but also helps the detective to complete their work better technically, such as the use of high-resolution camera, more hidden recording equipment that can be hidden in glasses or pocket, etc.

In addition, it is worth noting that at present, in India, in addition to the booming development of the pre marriage detective industry, the post marriage detective industry has also developed.