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Can crawfish and beer be eaten together? Beer and crayfish are so dangerous to eat together

When it comes to lobster season, many people are already hungry and thirsty. Many people always like to eat crayfish with beer in summer. In fact, this kind of eating method is not healthy. If you eat crayfish together, it will easily cause gout, so don't match it at will.

Can lobster and beer be eaten together

It's OK to eat in small quantities. Crawfish and beer have always been a pair of classic collocations. People usually eat them like this. There are few problems. However, I've also seen gout when eating crayfish and drinking beer. In fact, it's caused by eating too much and eating a small amount at ordinary times. You can rest assured that you won't get sick. In addition, in order to avoid gout, you might as well boil the shrimp water first, remove purine and glucoside acid.

Danger of overeating lobster and beer

1. Cause gout

Normally, uric acid is excreted from the urine by the kidney. But if too much purine, too much uric acid is produced. If there is too much uric acid, or the way of excreting it is not smooth, it will accumulate in the body. When it accumulates to a certain concentration, uric acid will crystallize out. These crystals occur at the joints and can cause gout. The crayfish contains more purine substance, and the purine substance content in beer is also very high. The metabolism of purine substance in human body is limited. If one-time intake is too much, it will easily lead to the increase of blood uric acid content in a short period of time, resulting in gout.

2. Diarrhea and abdominal pain

Crayfish is a kind of high protein food. Eating too much will aggravate the burden of gastrointestinal tract. It is very hot in summer. Usually, drinking beer is mainly ice beer, and cold drink will also aggravate the cold in stomach. If two kinds of food are eaten together in large quantities, it is easy to cause the deficiency of spleen and stomach, diarrhea, abdominal pain and other adverse symptoms of digestion.

Tips: This is a double effect. From the perspective of uric acid, it is related to gout. From vasoconstriction to gastrointestinal ischemia, plus infection, it will lead to gastroenteritis or abdominal discomfort.

3. Cause urinary calculus

Eating shrimp and drinking beer will lead to the increase of blood uric acid content. Once it can not be discharged in time, it will be deposited in the form of sodium salt, forming urinary stones. The symptoms were hematuria and paroxysmal pain caused by stone injury.

4. Cause hyperuricemia

There are two causes of hyperuricemia, one is the reduction of uric acid excretion, the other is the excessive production of uric acid. Keeping the habit of eating shrimp and drinking beer for a long time will keep the blood uric acid at a high concentration, and greatly increase the probability of suffering from hyperuricemia.

What kind of wine is better to eat lobster

When eating shrimp, try to drink less or not. If you want to drink, the best drink for eating crayfish is white wine. From the perspective of food properties, liquor is a hot food, which can neutralize the cold air of crawfish, promote gastrointestinal digestion of food, and the alcohol content in liquor is high, which also has killing effect on the parasites in crawfish, and can prevent parasite infection.

Tip: in May every year, after crayfish goes on the market on a large scale, there will be a high incidence period of gout, which is 20% higher than usual, while the incidence of young people is significantly increased. At the time of consultation, young people think they are young and can tolerate the increase of uric acid caused by lobster beer. Need attention!

Precautions for eating crayfish

1. The shrimp line on the back of the shrimp is the waste that the shrimp has not been discharged. If there is a fishy smell of mud in the mouth, it will affect the appetite, so it should be removed.

2. The color is red, the body is soft, the shrimp that turns around is not fresh, try not to buy. Rotten shrimps must not be eaten.

3. When eating prawns and some fruits at the same time, we should pay attention to that prawns are rich in protein, calcium and other nutrients. If eating prawns and fruits containing tannin, such as persimmon, hawthorn, pomegranate and grape, not only the nutritional value of protein will be reduced, but also the combination of tannin and calcium will form calcium tannate to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, causing discomfort, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

4. When eating seafood, it's better not to drink a lot of beer, because it will produce too much uric acid and cause gout. Seafood should be accompanied by dry white wine, because the fruit acid has the function of sterilization and deodorization.

5. The back of shrimp is green and black, which is a fresh expression. Generally, shrimp with hard shell, complete head, strong, curved body and large head taste delicious.

6. If you are allergic to shrimp and suffer from allergic diseases, such as allergic rhinitis, allergic dermatitis and asthma, you should take it with caution.