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Play with 30 minutes of cell phone halitosis, play with cell phone for a long time, be careful you s

playing mobile phones can even cause halitosis. What's the matter? Halitosis often affects people's social interaction, may cause a kind of inferiority complex and seriously affect people's quality of life. People with bad breath have a great psychological shadow and dare not speak in front of the public. Will playing mobile phones really lead to bad breath? What's the matter? Follow Xiaobian to find out.

Playing mobile for 30 minutes can cause bad breath!

The online explanation for this view is as follows:

When you look at your cell phone, you will look down. This posture will reduce saliva secretion. At the same time, if you don't speak to anyone when you look at your mobile phone, your jaw doesn't move, and you don't swallow, you won't be able to stimulate saliva secretion, and the metabolites of oral bacteria stay in your mouth. In the condition of insufficient saliva for 30 minutes, the bacteria causing halitosis will increase, which will lead to halitosis.

As soon as the news came out, it attracted many netizens' attention.

Want to cheat me not to play mobile again?

-Old dream of Chengnan: learn about green arrow gum [meow]

24K pure bubble soap: experts say playing for 30 minutes will shorten life by half an hour!

Guo Guotou: then I will control the time and open my mouth half an hour fast

I'm not afraid. I have a taste in my mouth. Fight poison

Happy zhe zhe'er: no wonder this morning, there was a look down beside the subway to play mobile phone, and deep breath made me feel a big and indescribable smell [smile]

Is there any scientific basis for this statement?

yes , we have!

Xu Li, chief physician of the stomatology department of Central South Hospital of Wuhan University, explained that playing with mobile phones for a long time can inhibit the secretion of saliva in the mouth, resulting in the decrease of saliva secretion in the submandibular gland and sublingual gland. Saliva secretion has bacteriostatic effect. If the amount of saliva in the mouth is reduced, it will lead to a large number of bacteria and produce bad gas.

Experts: anaerobic bacteria is an important cause of halitosis. They hide in the mouth, break down certain foods and help people digest them. As long as the oral oxygen is deficient, they will reproduce rapidly and produce volatile sulfide.

In addition, excessive fatigue leads to poor immunity, and digestive tract diseases can also lead to halitosis. Therefore, experts remind us to do a good job in oral health, especially for patients with gastrointestinal diseases, the diet should be mainly light. Once there is a long-term bad smell in the mouth, do not be careless and should be treated in time.

How to see if you have bad breath?

Self inspection: This is the simplest way to cover your hands in front of your mouth and nose, exhale, smell your nose, and smell if your breath has any peculiar smell.

Wrist licking test: mouth odor is related to saliva, because there is an enzyme in saliva. So, we can lick it on the inside of our wrists or the back of our hands, dry it and smell it again, so that we can judge whether our breath is fresh or not.

Plastic spoon test method: scrape a few times on the back of the tongue with a disposable plastic spoon and put it in front of the nose to judge. This method is more suitable to check the bad breath from the back of the tongue.

Doctor's rhinometry: find a professional stomatologist to judge whether there is halitosis through direct rhinometry, which is also a relatively easy and accurate method. The degree of halitosis can be quantified by scoring.

How to prevent halitosis?

Strengthen oral health

For halitosis, check the possible oral diseases that may cause halitosis, and treat the causes. Choose the right way to brush your teeth, brush at least twice a day, rinse your mouth with water before and after meals, remove food residue in your mouth, and prevent halitosis.

Dental floss is the best choice to clean the teeth. It is also very important to clean the tongue. Chewing foods rich in fiber or chewing gum is good for reducing halitosis.

Pay attention to diet

After getting up in the morning, drinking a cup of light warm boiled water can keep the intestines unblocked and prevent constipation. Stop drinking alcohol and coffee. Eat less spicy and stimulating food, rest on time, drink more water, eat more fruits and keep in a good mood. Moderate amount of tea can clear away heat and fire, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, clean the mouth, such as qingxiangcao, Heqing tea can effectively prevent and improve halitosis symptoms.

Timely medical treatment

Long term oral odor does not dissipate, we need to pay attention to it, get medical treatment in time, and treat all kinds of body diseases that can cause halitosis.