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Couple have 14 sons in a row

The 43 - year-old Smiths in Michigan, the United States, recently gave birth to their 14th son. It seems that the couple are eager for a girl. They can apply for the Guinness world record for having 14 boys in a row.

to have a daughter, 'it may take a lifetime,' says Mr. swarant. The oldest of their sons was 25 years old and the youngest was 2 years old. Before the birth of the 14th child, the couple were constantly asked if they should have another daughter, but both said the son should be their last child.

The swantes have given birth to 14 sons in a row, which is considered a miracle. Strictly speaking, it is a highly random thing to have a boy or a girl. The final development of a fertilized egg into a male or female fetus is determined by the sex chromosome. In the process of natural conception, there is no way to control whether the father's X chromosome or the mother's egg is combined with the Y chromosome. At present, human beings can only understand the principle of conception, and increase the probability of successful fertilization by creating a suitable chromosome environment, so as to improve the probability of giving birth to male or female. According to the report, if you want to have 14 boys in a row, the probability is only 1 in 16384.

It is understood that the swantes are 43 years old this year. When they were in high school, they had feelings. They got married after high school, and then they went on studying. Their first son, who was born when two people went to college, is now 24 years old. After graduating from college, he went to law school for further study, and his wife began to study for a master's degree in psychology. By the time they finished their master's degree and began to work, they had already had six sons.


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You travel north and I travel south: 14 years in pregnancy

Xiaodaimeng: 14 sons, my God, my mother should be very hard

Don't like guava: I suddenly think of that cartoon, brothers war ha ha ha ha

User 6503985978: if none of the 14 children are outstanding, that's sad!

My favorite surname is Jing: it's not a question of how many children to have or whether a man is a woman. It's a question of whether he has the money to support them. In China, a child must be at least several million

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Han is Gu Xiaoyue: being their sister will be favored by heaven. There are 14 uncles in the male ticket, who dare not bully & hellip; & hellip; hhhhhh