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How many colors are there in Xiaomi 6x? How much is the price of millet 6x?

Tomorrow is Xiaomi 6x's new product launch. Is it exciting for rice noodles? Today, there are so many news about Xiaomi 6x. It just brought us the news that Xiaoai will be built into Xiaomi 6x. Now, even the price information is flowing out. At present, the machine of Xiaomi 6x is basically determined from appearance design, configuration parameters, price, spokesperson and color matching.

According to the price information disclosed at present, Xiaomi 6x 4GB + 64GB all Netcom sells for 1799 yuan; 6GB + 64GB all Netcom sells for 1999 yuan. What do you think of the price of Xiaomi 6x with Xiaolong 660 Processor?

It has been determined that Xiaomi 6x will be equipped with Xiaolong 660 mobile platform, 4GB and 6GB memory are optional. At the same time, it is also very rich in color matching. Red flame, quicksand gold, glacier blue, obsidian black and cherry blossom powder five bright colors are very consistent with the youth rhythm of young people.

Xiaomi 6x will be equipped with a front-end 20 megapixel camera, equipped with AI beauty, AI portrait and soft light selfie. In the rear aspect, Xiaomi 6x is equipped with a 20 million dual camera scheme, and also has built-in AI voice assistant for Xiaoai students. Xiaoai students are always with you in all aspects of life.