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Kidney eat more careful infertility eat kidney can really invigorate Yang?

"Shape and shape" is a long-standing concept of diet in our country. In the concept of many people, eating kidney can nourish the kidney and strengthen the Yang, so baking kidney in summer has become the favorite of many men, but what you don't know is that eating too much kidney is likely to cause infertility, so male friends must be careful.

There are different contents of cadmium in the liver and kidney of pigs, cattle and sheep. However, cadmium can induce the degeneration of structure and function of testis, epididymis and other tissues and organs, and finally lead to the decline of reproductive ability. In addition to heavy metal cadmium, lead can directly affect the testis, the core organ of male reproductive system, resulting in the decrease of sperm number, the increase of abnormal sperm and the decrease of sperm activity, thus affecting fertility.

Eating kidney is not reliable

If the human body absorbs cadmium, it will form cadmium sulfur protein, which will reach the whole body through the blood and accumulate in the kidney and liver. The kidney is the target organ of cadmium poisoning. The initial symptoms of chronic cadmium poisoning were fatigue, headache, dizziness, atrophy of nasal mucosa, weight loss and so on. After the development of the disease, the patients have back and knee joint pain, yellow cadmium ring on the teeth, bone pain around the body, osteoporosis, increased tingling during activities, and slight trauma can cause fracture.

Since the kidneys of these animals contain heavy metals, they should eat less or not. Because the liver is a metabolic organ, while the kidney is an excretory organ, and it is also the place where toxins are most easily accumulated. If they eat too much, they will not only be able to repair the body, but also may be sterile. Kidney disease patients should not eat more animal kidneys, because patients with renal insufficiency need to limit nutritional intake. However, the high cholesterol content in the kidney of the animal may aggravate the burden of the kidney and worsen the renal function.

It can be seen that kidney can not only 'invigorate the Yang', but also kill sperm, affecting the quality and activity of sperm. Excessive intake can lead to infertility. For the sake of health, men should not eat so-called 'supplements'. In fact, although the causes of male infertility are complex, it can be prevented and avoided as long as we develop good personal hygiene habits, quit smoking and alcohol; daily rules, moderate physical exercise.