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Is the smoke of moxibustion poisonous? Is there any side effect of long-term moxibustion

Is the smoke of moxibustion poisonous

The smoke from moxa stick is non-toxic and has certain bactericidal effect, but it can't be smoked deliberately. It still hurts.

Generally, at the turn of spring and autumn, it is considered that the active period of bacterial reproduction is at this time, so the sterilization effect of AI Xun is better. I will dry the leaves and light the smoke indoors. The smoke will kill typhoid, tuberculosis, Staphylococcus and other bacteria in the air.

Don't smoke AI deliberately. We should be prepared for ventilation when we are at home. Don't cling to saying "it's good to smoke AI". Just don't support AI when it's too big. You can turn on the smoking machine and take away the smoke.

How to exhaust the smoke of Moxibustion

Starting from the source of smoke, it is better to use aged wormwood for wormwood, which does not hurt yin or blood, and does not hurt when moxibustion. Chen AI's color is yellowish, and the green one is the same year's AI; Chen AI's smell is fragrant, and then AI has a grass smell; when burning, Chen AI's smoke is gentle, curling up, leaving gray white ash after burning, and then AI is a straight line. The most important thing is that the aged AI fire is not urgent, soft, transparent and strong, which makes people feel comfortable.

Do moxibustion to pay attention to room ventilation, there is lampblack machine must be turned on. Pay attention to the air circulation. There is also the use of air cleaner to clean the air after moxibustion. For the smoke smell on the skin, it's best to wipe it with orange essential oil for a few times to remove the smoke smell left after moxibustion.

Fix a piece of clothes for moxibustion and replace it after moxibustion. The smoke smell on the clothes can be removed by soaking in white vinegar. After cleaning, drop 2-3 drops of orange essential oil into the basin. Rub the clothes back and forth a few times, and the smoke smell will be removed.

Of course, if people can't bear the smell of moxibustion or are allergic to the smoke of moxa sticks, they can use the warm baby, infrared therapeutic apparatus, or even the warm effect of hair dryer instead of moxibustion, which can play a certain role, but the effect is certainly not as good as that of Moxibustion.

So usually when using moxa stick, we must use the one with better quality, so that it can work, and it will not cause any harm to our body.

Does Aixun have side effects for a long time

1. The side effects of moxibustion are mainly manifested in the wrong judgment of the body constitution, the wrong choice of moxibustion points, resulting in the body discomfort, which can be adjusted through the correct method guidance.

2. Moxibustion has the advantages of obvious effect, easy operation, economy and practicality, with little toxicity and side effects. As long as the operation method is proper and the acupoints are mastered accurately, there will be no adverse reactions to the human body. Moxibustion can replenish Yang Qi for the body, especially for the constitution of Yang deficiency.

3. Moxibustion has the effect of tonifying and reducing diarrhea. For people with Yin deficiency and hyperactivity of fire, it is necessary to start with catharsis, nourishing yin and regulating the balance of yin and Yang at the same time. That is to say, the acupoints and methods of moxibustion are different.

4. If the operation is improper, it may also cause discomfort, which will be understood as the so-called side effect of moxibustion. It is recommended to go to a professional place for guidance. For example, professional moxibustion health center.

5. Moxibustion is a combination of physical and pharmacological therapy of traditional Chinese medicine. It is a green natural therapy, originated in ancient China. It is a method of curing and keeping healthy by burning wormwood made of wormwood.

6. Due to different constitution and symptoms, moxibustion may cause fever, tiredness, dry mouth, general discomfort and other reactions. Generally, it does not need to worry about, and can disappear after moxibustion.