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What's the most prosperous fish in the office? What's the point of office fish farming?

"Fish" and "Yu" have the same sound, which means "every year has more", so fish can also attract money. For many people who are more particular about it, the office likes to raise all kinds of fish. What kind of fish is the best way to raise money? Let's have a look.

In geomancy, it is a knowledge to raise fish for wealth. What kind of fish can attract wealth, and what kind of fish should be raised at home, office and shop, are all exquisite.

I. office fish

The office is the place to work. Only when the sense of space is atmospheric can it meet the atmosphere of doing business.

1. Red dragon fish

The red dragon fish is the embodiment of auspiciousness. It has the meaning of attracting and transporting treasures. It also has the elegant name of Fengshui fish. It can be divided into four colors: orange, pink, crimson and blood red. Among them, blood red is the most beautiful and precious. Red dragon fish is the most expensive species of freshwater ornamental fish, and even regarded as a symbol of family wealth and status.

2. Colorful Immortals

The colorful fairy fish, also known as discus and swallow, is relatively large in size, 20 cm in length, nearly round, flat on the side, with complete and unique body shape, rich and colorful patterns, and flickering colors. It has a good reputation as the emperor of tropical ornamental fish.

3. Golden headed pearl tiger

It has a large size and a maximum body length of 14cm. In its infancy, its body color is similar to that of golden pearl tiger. When it grows up, it will have a contrast of red and light yellow lines.

4. Goldfish

Goldfish is also called "Fengshui fish" in geomancy, which can make up for the shortcomings of office geomancy.

5. Koi

Koi can recruit money and get fortune. Golden Koi has the strongest ability to urge money.

6. Precautions

In the office, a fish must have a dark black tail. The color of the fish is gold and white, black, blue or silver. The best number is one, four, six or nine.

II. Fish for money

1. Koi

Koi, also known as "Zhaocai Wangfu fish", is the first choice for raising fish and Zhaocai at home.

2. Recruiting financial fish

Zhaocaiyu, also known as spaceship and bass, belongs to the betta family. It's a giant in the shape of the betta family. It's golden yellow and bright in color. Under the light, it radiates golden yellow light and is resplendent.

3. Goldfish

Goldfish is a very popular kind of fish. No matter in the office, at home or in the shop, it is suitable to raise goldfish to attract money.

III. fish in the shop

1. Dragon fish

The dragon fish has a magnificent body shape, gorgeous body color, majestic momentum, precious and rare. It is often placed with infinite good hope and many moral meanings. It has the meaning of good luck, good luck, family prosperity, career development, and even the saying of avoiding evil.

2. Parrot

The color of parrot fish is as gorgeous as parrot, with the implication of red fire.

3. Goldfish

No matter where goldfish are, they are suitable for attracting money.