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What color ceramic tile is the best choice for bathroom decoration? How to choose toilet tile?

Four seas network news, the toilet space will be generally smaller, in such a small space, tiling is a very difficult thing, so what color of ceramic tile is the best choice for the toilet? Brush your teeth and wash your face in the bathroom every morning, so pay attention to the color matching of ceramic tiles!

I. what color of tile is good for the bathroom

1. Color selection

The color that toilet often uses has black, white, gold, silver, ash, these five kinds of color also be called is limitless color, can match with most decorate style. But for the toilet with what color of ceramic tile is good, in the color matching is also skilled, such as black with white, deep with light and so on contrast color matching. Of course, there are also color matching, such as light yellow and dark yellow, black and gray. Home decoration style is more warm can also choose some warm color tiles, but warm color tiles in the collocation is more complex.

2. Coordinate with the overall color

You can choose the color of the ceramic tile according to the color of the three piece Sanitary Ware set. If the color of the sanitary ware is lighter, you can choose the darker color of the ceramic tile, or you can choose the color of the porcelain makeup of the same color system, so that the matching degree is higher.

3. The color should not be too much

The color of toilet porcelain make-up should not be too fancy, nor too colorful. Try to choose a color that is compatible with the color of the sink, bathtub and toilet. The color of the whole toilet should be controlled within three kinds, which can more reflect the unity of the overall effect and give people a comfortable feeling.

4. White is the eternal classic color

Worry about choosing the color of the ceramic tile in the toilet, then choosing the safest white will not be wrong. White is more classic, and it can also give people a sense of hygiene and cleanness.

II. Toilet tile selection skills

Ceramic tiles can be generally divided into two categories, one is glazed tiles, the other is non glazed tiles, and the tiles suitable for toilet use should be glazed tiles, non glazed tiles are more suitable for use as living room floor tiles. At the same time, the ceramic tiles of the toilet should also be anti-skid tiles, and the matte anti-skid tiles should be selected, so that the floor of the toilet will not slip even if there is water. Also try to choose brand tiles, quality and after-sales are more perfect.

Brief summary: the ceramic tiles used in the toilet should pay attention to collocation. It's better to determine according to the decoration style. If you can't choose, try to choose a more safe color, such as white and gray, which are easy to match.