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Why does Zhang Jiayi walk with a hunchback? The real reasons for Zhang Jiayi's hunchback

there is no doubt about Zhang Jiayi's acting skills. He even contracted the aesthetics of the old, middle-aged and young people and became the favorite uncle of the people. In addition to his acting skills, Zhang Jiayi's own stories are also inspirational. TV plays such as "dwelling in a snail" and "one servant and two masters" are his masterpieces. However, careful netizens will find that Zhang Jiayi has some hunchbacks. How did Zhang Jiayi come from this walking posture? Recently, Zhang Jiayi's walking posture has become completely popular, and even many people are imitating it. Do you know why Zhang Jiayi has hunchbacks? The reason behind it is sad.

Because of a "Snail House", Zhang Jiayi, 40, became popular overnight, and finally ushered in the spring of his career. It took him 20 years to become famous. Zhang Jiayi is a typical late bloomer, but God is still fair. In recent years, he has been working hard. He can't stop receiving plays, making advertisements and winning awards. He has also surrounded a large number of fans with mature and steady charm, becoming the perfect God in many people's eyes.

However, the frequency of showing his face is high, and Zhang Jiayi's fault has also been found by more and more people, that is, he walks with a hunchback and looks as if he will never be able to straighten up. For example, in the shooting of borrow a gun, Zhang Jiayi's xiongkuohai has an impressive scene: he is hunching down the street with a feather duster. At that time, the audience accused him of his unsightly walking posture, because revolutionaries should not walk like this, 'which looks too flat. '

In 2014's "one servant and two masters", Zhang Jiayi's hunchback is more obvious: when attending various fashion activities, he is also a cat with waist, why?

After graduating from the University, Zhang Jiayi's father launched his relationship in Beijing and wanted to keep Zhang Jiayi in Beijing, but at the last moment, he was replaced by others. Zhang Jiayi, a strong translator, went directly back to Xi'an, obeyed the school's distribution, went to the west film studio and stayed for nine years.

It is precisely because of the need to be strong that in those nine years, when Zhang Jiayi was performing martial arts and fighting dramas, he didn't need a double, but fell directly on the concrete ground, and then made a mistake -- ankylosing spondylitis. It's not an incurable disease, it can't kill people, but it's painful and hard to cure. I have to take an injection once a half month. It hurts almost every day. If it hurts badly, I have to take painkillers.

Although this disease is not an incurable disease, people who have experienced it all know that the pain is from the heart to the bone. They need to have an injection once a half month, and it hurts almost every day. If the pain is severe, they must take painkillers, and it is difficult to cure. Once it is not well controlled, it will easily cause disability. So that's why Zhang Jiayi can't walk straight and always hunchback.