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CCTV comments on ZTE being banned why ZTE was banned by the United States?

CCTV commented that ZTE was blocked, which caused a heated discussion in China. Perhaps independent research and development of its own chip is the only way out. Since ZTE was banned, the independent research and development of chips has become a hot topic again. If China accelerates the research and development of domestic chips, the U.S. will not be as tough as it is now. ZTE's a shares and H shares were suspended after the US banned the sale of components to ZTE for seven years. The stock of its suppliers in the United States also fell sharply, the most serious drop of 30%.

When asked how Huawei, as a Kirin national enterprise with its own chip, looks at this matter, Xu Junzhi, chairman of Huawei, said that it still needs to focus on its own affairs and do it well. No matter what difficulties you encounter, when your problems are solved, customer service is good. To survive and develop for a long time.

At the same time, it is emphasized that Huawei's Kirin chip only locates and carries its own hardware architecture to realize product differentiation. This can improve competitiveness and reduce costs. So. So far, Kirin chip has no idea or plan to sell.

Moreover, Huawei's strategic goal has always been multi chip supply. If Unicorn falls behind, what should Huawei do with its smart phones? Therefore, multi chip supply is the right strategy to ensure the healthy development of smart terminal business.

ZTE's experience has proved that American supply is not reliable. In the face of politics, the world supply chain is fragile. Americans have been seriously thinking about how to curb the rise of China. The strategy of curbing the export of high-tech to China has always been the trump card of their network. If they are not like Huawei, they can produce their own chips. Maybe the next example of ZTE will be many. ZTE's experience as the world's fourth largest equipment manufacturer is not so bad.

Although Huawei has been committed to Kirin's R & D and production, it has also made great achievements. It also made the following remarks at the global analyst conference. Some things are not based on our will. It's better to ignore Kirin than you can't control it. In this way, we will have more energy and time to serve our customers, and more time and energy to build better products to meet the needs of our customers. Some things, put down, but relaxed.

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