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Piggy, what is the social man? Why is piggy so hot?

before, the tattoos of social people were all tattooed on mountain tigers, and now the tattoos of social people are all tattooed (pasted) with pink pigs. Piggy is a mess of fire recently. Many people even put piggy up to himself. So what is the piglet's social man?

What is the piglet's social man?

"Piggy page" is a mediocre British child animation before "the piggy page is tattooed and the applause is given to the public."

However, the animation from England can not change the ending of Rua.

After all, there's a lesson from Teletubbies

For example, one of the most popular whistling suspicions about plastic sisterhood is that page is so angry that he hangs up because his friend Susie knows how to whistle because he never gets the skill.

Pig girl can't have little mood?

With the spread of conspiracy theories such as Susie's and George's black belly settings and the stories that Papa pig and Miss Rabbit had to tell, many people believe in the realism of the cartoon.

And have held up the hands of the P-map software, the animation for a variety of screenshots, with full social flavor of the language, made a milk full of social expression package.

After that, this simple and unassuming social atmosphere has successfully attracted the attention of the big brother, the fast-moving big brother, who makes the little pants clank. At the same time, as of April 16, there were about 30000 people taking part in the challenge.

These are true · social people believe that compared with Guan Er ye, piglet's tattoo can better reflect their good taste and lifelong heart.

Subsequently, the slogan of "piggy page and the applause to the social people" gradually moved out of the short video circle and detonated the social network, and got the full support of countless goods king. The symbol of "social man" -- piggy Paige milk tablet has also become the new tide of Supreme kick AJ.

At this point, piggy reached the altar of social people.