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Shana will be back. Shana will be back on April 23. Record the fast copy

Recently, a number of netizens revealed that Chen xiena was about to return to work after childbirth. A person familiar with the matter told the media that Xie Na would take part in the recording of happy base camp in Changsha on April 23. It seems that sister Na will start to return to the happy base camp again. Are you looking forward to it?

During the postpartum period, Xie Na experienced a series of pain such as edema and high fever after she was discharged from the hospital, which made many netizens sigh that it is not easy to be a mother, and feel sorry for her. However, in this period of time, sister Na's body finally slowly recovered. Two days ago, Xie Na took a photo of herself with a positive face. Netizens found that not only did the edema subside on her face, but also her look was very good!

It was the same day that Xie Na had more than 100 million fans. She took selfie photos to give welfare to netizens. On the same day, Xie Na said that she would give a second wave of welfare before her birthday. It was suspected that she would return on the birthday of May 6. Netizens left messages saying that the sun goddess is finally coming back! In addition, today, Xie Na studio also sent a message to reveal that Xie Na is indeed going to make a strong comeback on this day!

At noon on April 11, Xie Na's studio sent a message: 'what other side of Na boss is we haven't seen? Set a small target to charge before the birthday month, and it's time for the sun goddess to explode magnetic field energy!' it's easy to see from the blog of the studio that Xie Na will be back soon! And Xie Na will be back strong on the birthday month, that is, on May 6 in the way of birthday party!

From last year to May this year, it can be said that Xie Na has been retired for nearly a year. In this period, there is no Xie Na in this program, and everyone feels bored. This time, Xie Na's studio sent a message that Xie Na will return strongly. Netizens left messages saying 'is it about to return? How excited.' I really miss that she'll be out of energy if she doesn't return to her birthday party! '