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How does Sun Jian get the asteroid naming right? How to get the asteroid naming right?

Today, sun Jianfa tweeted that he had the right to name an asteroid as a gift from Sydney's official observatory. Since then, there has been an asteroid named Sun Jian. Many netizens want to know why. How does Sun Jian get the asteroid naming right? This is what netizens are curious about.

On April 19, Sun Jian's studio posted an online message saying: 'thank you Sydney Observatory for giving us this asteroid No. 703034 and naming it Sun Jian. Since then, there will be a star called Sun Jian in the universe. "In the photo, the official social media account of Sydney Observatory released the news that the asteroid was given to Sun Jian. Sun Jian stood in front of the space telescope to observe the planets carefully and attended the awarding ceremony. After seeing the news, netizens said: 'this wave of operation is really too fierce. '

In addition, Sun Jian said in the comments: "when my mother was nearby, I turned to her and said that when we left the world, we would meet there, which is our other home.". '

How to purchase asteroid naming right? Generally, asteroid naming right cannot be purchased.

In short, it's not reliable to name something in the sky for only a little money. Usually only the discoverer has the right to name the object, or to name the object in his own name. Of course, if you are famous enough or have made outstanding contributions in a certain field, maybe someone else will use your name to name the asteroid he found, such as' Jay Chou '. In short, if you want to engrave your name in the sky, and it is generally recognized, you have to work hard.

Asteroid naming right refers to the right to name an unnamed asteroid. Asteroid naming is an international and permanent honor. Asteroid is the only one of all kinds of celestial bodies that can be nominated according to the will of the discoverer and approved by international organizations so as to obtain international recognition. Due to the seriousness, uniqueness and permanent immutability of asteroid naming, it has become a world recognized honor to be able to obtain asteroid naming.

Rules of asteroid naming right:

1. Naming respects the proposal of asteroid discoverers, and even discoverers can apply for naming various animals.

2. The general name is only given to individuals or groups with outstanding contributions in a certain field.

3. Place names and events can also be named, such as Beijing Olympic Games star and Shenzhou star.

4. Politicians, military figures or political or military events can only be named after their death or 100 years after their occurrence.