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How long after miscarriage can be pregnant again? How to recuperate the body after abortion?

Abortion is a disaster for mothers, many mothers will have a period of mood change after abortion. Abortion is not only for the physical torture, but also for the mood has a great impact, so how long can abortion be pregnant again? Follow the small make up to have a look.

How long can I get pregnant again after abortion

One month after abortion, normal menstruation can be restored, and rooming can only be performed after normal menstruation is restored. Early rooming may cause infection, bleeding and other symptoms. It is suggested that women should consider pregnancy after the complete recovery of endometrium. It takes about 3 months to repair the endometrium. After 2-3 times of menstrual shedding, the function of endometrium can return to normal, which is conducive to the growth of fetal sac in the next pregnancy.

How to care after abortion

1. Just after the abortion, you need to rest in bed for a few days and walk less in the first day or two. It is best to sleep in a hard bed, which can better support the body and avoid the discomfort of waist swelling.

2. Keep the lower body clean and fresh, clean it every day, and replace the pads and underpants in time, so as to avoid infection caused by blood bacteria. As the uterine cavity expands during abortion, it is not allowed to take a bath to prevent backflow of dirty water.

3. Do not touch cold water for at least half a month after the abortion. Early contact with cold water will cause damage to the joints, which is generally reflected in the elderly. If possible, it is best to put the boiling water at a temperature not hot before use.

After the abortion, the expectant mother needs to have certain nursing, and the abortion also needs to sit for a little month. Because abortion has a great impact on the body of pregnant women, only good care can avoid some situations. It is also conducive to the recovery of the mother to be. Only when the health condition is restored can the next pregnancy be carried out and the next pregnancy be more guaranteed.