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Who is the prototype of thirteen aunts in history? Personal data of Mo Guilan, the prototype of aunt

&#For those who are familiar with Huang Feihong's films, do you have any impression of mentioning the name of aunt 13? The most well-known estimate is Guan Zhilin's thirteen aunts. Do you know who is the prototype of thirteen aunts in history? Follow Xiaobian to get to know it.

in the film and television works about Huang Feihong, a woman can never be separated. She is intelligent, beautiful, gentle, virtuous, open-minded and intelligent. She has always been Huang Feihong's confidant. She always comforts him when he meets difficulties and helps him out. This person is aunt 13. As we all know, Huang Feihong is not a fictional character. There is such a famous martial artist in history. Does aunt 13 exist in history? Strictly speaking, it does not exist, but it has its prototype in history.

&#The prototype of aunt 13 is mo Guilan, actually Huang Feihong's fourth wife. Mo Guilan was born in Gaozhou, Guangdong Province, and practiced martial arts since she was a child, so she was a bit careless in character. She was a full-fledged man. When she was young, someone proposed to her, and she always thought her partner was not masculine. She finally met someone who she thought was masculine, and the other party thought she was not feminine, so Mo Guilan's marriage was never completed.

&#At that time, Huang Feihong, who was in his 50s, was still very keen on lion dancing. He would not be absent from every lion dancing session. When the competition was hot, Huang Feihong accidentally put on his shoes Get rid of it and hit Mo Guilan just below the middle stage. Mo Guilan was so angry that he wanted to ask Huang Feihong for trouble afterwards. However, Huang Feihong's superb martial arts and excellent dancing skills attracted Mo Guilan. Later, Huang Feihong came to the door first. He wanted to apologize to Mo Guilan himself.

&#The Mo family is also a reasonable person. Seeing Huang Feihong's sincerity, he not only didn't care, but also made friends with him. Later, when you came to me, the relationship became closer and closer. The two sides also had feelings. The Mo family betrothed Mo Guilan to Huang Feihong. Before that, Huang Feihong had a few unfortunate marriages. His first three wives died of illness, so some people said that Huang Feihong hit his wife. So Huang Feihong, in order to prevent 'kemoguilan', married her openly, but still matched her with a concubine.

&#In October 1924, a riot broke out between the government and the army. Huang Feihong's painstaking efforts turned baozhilin into ashes overnight. He could not stand to fight against depression. In 1925, Huang Feihong, a martial arts master, died of illness. Mo Guilan, his widow, inherited his will and moved to Hong Kong to reopen baozhilin. He carried forward Huang Feihong's martial arts and medical skills, helped the dead and the wounded, strengthened his body and brought out many excellent disciples.

​ unfortunately, Mo Guilan and Huang Feihong had no daughter. She lived in Hong Kong for decades. Until 1982, a generation of heroines died at the age of 90.